Lucy Dunce – Ceramicist of Beauty

Douglas has had the privilege of photographing the home of the highly regarded, Scottish ceramicist, Lucy Dunce Her gorgeous coastal home, near Dunbar, has her Ceramics Studio in the garden.

Lucy holds classes in Ceramics at her studio. For information on forthcoming classes please send an email to:

Lucy with her daughters

Lucy working peacefully in her studio...she often turns to her magical garden for inspiration

The garden itself is a work of art too…..crammed with silvery coastal grasses and fascinating architectural plants.

A mouth watering chalky palette inside and out makes a soothing backdrop both for her own work and that of her husband, Alastair Letch, a brilliant furniture maker, and their beautiful art collection.

Both Lucy and Alastair are keen participants in Scottish Coastal Rowing Project… Alastair was involved, obviously, in the making of the boat, for their local club, in Dunbar, and they both bravely train, regularly, on summer’s evenings and take part in lots of fun Regattas (if you like that sort of thing??!!) Lucy admits that it is quite often the last thing she feels like doing at the end of a days work, but explains that it is the best stress buster ever…battling against the waves, with your team, and swears that there is nothing more effective against bingo wings!!

Lucy, with her wonderful Lurcher, Roo, on Tyninghame Beach

Memories of Justin and Colin

Doug actually started his career working with ‘Interiors Gods’, Justin and Colin, as their personal photographer, covering interiors stories every week for the Glasgow Herald and for glossy magazine. Exhausting but never a dull moment, the boyz took the whole process to an extreme – thinking nothing of painting someone’s wall in the middle of a shoot – a completely different colour – re-arranging the furniture completely was just for starters! Both are very keen on singing and would often regale the homeowner with their very upbeat renditions of Abba or the Pet Shop Boys classics, meanwhile Doug would be doing his best to concentrate on actually taking some photos. Tensions inevitably did arise, but I remember well being quite impressed with their ability to go to the ends of the earth to solve any problems…it is not a surprise that they have gone so far.

In their living room in Glasgow

Doug did the shoot below for an advertising campaign for Crown paints

I am not sure exactly which ones Crown used in the end, the above are un-processed and just a small selection….but a lot of fun was had!

Dividing their lives between Glasgow and Toronto now, we really miss them!

For the very latest news on Justin and Colin, see their website

With many thanks to Crown Paints

French Leave

Doug quite often gets the chance of some very jolly trips abroad…anywhere beautiful really. He takes full advantage of this but says that he does ‘really miss me and the children when he goes’??!!

View from the Drive

One trip to Normandy, to shoot a gorgeous Manoir and adjoining Gites, belonging to friends of ours Dee Dee and Pete, involved not just the usual drinking lots of wine and enjoying lots of delicious food, France ‘thing’, but also included some slightly hair-raising moments:

Scene of Claude's harrowing fall

Dee Dee’s cat Claude, was snoozing on a window ledge in an upstairs bedroom and for the purposes of composition, Doug wanted him to ‘move along a bit’, unfortunately, in the process of trying to encourage him to do this, Claude actually fell out of the window – luckily, he was unscathed – cats do have 9 lives after all.

Setting for another near fatal scene!

Doug had just about recovered from this disturbing incident, when, again for the sake of maximizing the potential of a shot, of the upstairs, galleried landing this time, he had buried himself in the back of a linen cupboard, the door was open at 90 degrees and Dee Dee’s cleaning lady needed some bedding, she came in from behind the door and screamed the place down when she realised that there was a man in the depths of the cupboard hiding behind a long camera lens – scary!!

Dee Dee, oblivious to it all, relaxing in her gorgeous living room

Should I believe these stories or do you think it was just a case of a bit too much wine?

Their beautiful living room with a view to the now notorious galleried landing

kitchen diner

A bite to eat anyone?

Find details of Dee Dee and Pete’s gorgeous holiday properties on This brave and creative pair actually did what many of us dream of doing and sold up their home in West London and are now truly ‘living the dream’ in Northern France.

Coffee on the terrace

The famous Claude

Dee Dee collecting apples

Pete working hard in the garden


They never look back, but due to the convenient location, close to the ferry port of Caen can easily pop back to see friends and family whenever they want. Anyone contemplating a similar adventure could do a lot worse than check out the estate agency that Dee Dee is now working for

Helen Mulloy Reid

Meeting amazing people is routine for us, to be honest, but they don’t often come as amazing as Helen Mulloy Reid, a florist originally, but recently re-trained as a beautician. She lives in Bath now, but this was her home in North Berwick.

living room…with beautiful sea views….

Helen’s skills as a florist are in abundant evidence…

kitchen – fully unfitted…!



crates and candles….shabby chic to a tee…Helen could have invented the words…she is such a brilliant example!

Our own house

Not really a ‘favourite’, but I suppose I should show you, bits of it at least!

Our kitchen….designed by me…unfortunately forgot to include a few millimetres when ordering the worktop…about a 100 in fact…..that worktop is now a desk in Doug’s office – useful! Whole thing beautifully fitted in the end by our friend Gary Hitchen…owner of West Neuk Holiday Apartment find on Facebook or at

Our upstairs bathroom…also designed by me….also forgot a couple of details…like taking the trouble to measure the basin and wc that I chose…very bulky when they arrived for our rather tight, coved ceilinged bathroom. Tears flowed when I realised that because I had bought them as a suite, I could not return them… kind friend, Trish Coull, bought them in the end and Doug found a much neater wc and actually managed to fit two small basins in when he took over…

Despite my conviction of the utmost importance of wives, in all matters important, I am ashamed to admit that in my own house, it is actually Doug who is in charge, at least of anything successful or tasteful.

Our downstairs bathroom was done by him – no problems….of course….yes very clever!

He has this theory that anything I do; he has to ‘Do It Again’…..DIA, as opposed to the more traditional DIY…..

So I do just leave him to it and it does work.

He has done things like, one year, between Christmas and Hogmanay, produced this beautiful glass topped driftwood table.

He and the kids dragged the driftwood up from Aberlady bay….let it dry out and then produced this. The pieces are all invisibly doweled together….

This was after a particularly low performing December on Doug’s part, I have to say….barely a day went past when he was not either hung-over, or suffering from an extremely nasty cold, neither of which are a good look in An Interiors Photographers Wife’s World…. he was quite lucky that his little ‘DIA’ joke did not turn into an unfortunate ‘DOA’ situation. Instead we all tucked into a delicious New Years Eve dinner around our incredibly sophisticated coffee table!!

At some point you should probably meet our children, Matthew and Eva….

Doug’s parents

Doug’s family also deserve a mention I suppose!! Margaret and & John – his parents – are serial renovators…..they will never get sick of their house – they can just change it!

John won a travel scholarship to Denmark as a young, architecture student, Margaret went with him and the pair of them have never looked back.

They came home and built this Danish-style courtyard house, in Edinburgh, completing it just as Douglas was born.

For Margaret and John Scandi-style is not just a look – it is a way of life!!

They have been working on their home for 48 years now, adding extensions, moving the kitchen…..they never stop – one minute it is a bedroom, next time you turn up it’s a bathroom – you could get quite dizzy!

It is actually John’s 80th birthday next year – I wonder which room we will be celebrating in??

Family Favourites – my brother!

We have been doing this job for over 10 years now and I thought I would start this blog with some absolute favourites.

One favourite has to be my brother’s house, courtesy of his wife of course! Elaine is brilliant – she single-handedly managed the conversion of an old stone cow byre in West Lothian, sourcing the wood, which lines all the main rooms, from salvage yards, grabbing the kitchen from friends who were chucking it out….She fitted it herself, shouting at my poor brother constantly, to keep out of the way during the process, knowing that if he went anywhere near it the whole thing would fall down!

Mouth watering colours and textures result in a look that is definitely not off the shelf!

A nomadic mix of Middle Eastern treasures, family heirlooms and antiques unearthed in the most unlikeliest and unpromising of places ensure that Ian and Elaine’s home is beyond unique.

Elaine’ eye for a bargain, mixed with her skill and impeccable taste has given their home a look that money alone simply could not buy.

Slightly worryingly, my brother has actually just taken early retirement – oh dear…I hope the house is OK!