The Granary

The mains of Taymouth Estate has been in the Menzies family for generations and the current owners, Robin and Irena are working really hard to make it work for the Twenty-first century. They have renovated all the old buildings on the estate into beautiful holiday properties…
The properties vary from small cottages and apartments to spacious converted barns, whichever is right for you, you can be assured of a wonderful welcome. Whether you are looking for a retreat at New Year or a great summer holiday you will find it here, there is a restaurant and quality shopping complex, beautifully designed, in a stunning setting on the edge of Loch Tay. It is a totally unique place.

Anyone feeling in the slightest bit ‘humbug’…or ‘fed up of Christmas already’ will be feeling like George Bailey, the James Stewart character at the end of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ after seeing ‘Sparky’, the Menzies family’s miniature pony in these pictures…
Have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year. Will post some piccies of the Gibb family celebrations, if they are presentable enough…..otherwise I will just start back in the New Year with lots of lovely, fresh, new material. xxx

Bodie & Fou

An intriguing design company run by two sisters – one lives in France, one lives in London – how cool is that?! The London based sister, Karine Kong, ‘Fou’, is on the back page of the current Living Etc…’my Interior Life’.

They sent me a press release about their 2012 COLLECTION – focusing on these Danish stools, barstools & tables by &Tradition

“Inspired by the contrasting surfaces of corroded wood ageing and industrial metal structures often found in docks or shipyards, Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, the two Danish designers behind NORM Architects, have taken a modern Scandinavian approach to create unique pieces of furniture that combines simplistic purity with a discreetly aged look.”

Danish stool and table

“The sandblasted surface of the stool accentuates the structure of the wood, while the triple legs have the playful appearance of a living creature in motion.”

I love these pieces….the soft grain of the wood…but am I missing something here? Does this look like a ‘Living Creature in Motion’ to anyone else??

They go on to say that-

“The position of the legs allow for two seating positions, either with a single led forward or two. The flat seat also makes the stool equally useful as a side table.”

OK…useful….but I still don’t get that ‘living creature in motion’ feeling….

However, their end of season sale starts tomorrow…definitely worth a look…..with up to 50% OFF on selected items including 40% OFF the Milano Headboard by Cote Bastide, 15% OFF Bugatti sample toasters & kettles, 40% OFF roller blinds, 15% OFF selected Art prints including the Birds A to Z print, the Grow Height Chart and Gold Batgirl print, 15% OFF Lighting from Normann Copenhagen, 50% OFF Food and Kitchenware including 15% OFF EVA SOLO selected kitchenware and 20% OFF Jacqueline Morabito’s food range

Their icon is on the right hand column… have a look!

Their stuff is brilliant and they do a wonderful blog!

A Castle Cottage Christmas

In Scotland on Sunday today! Stuart and Carla Henderson’s lovely home in North Berwick!

Stuart and Carla own and run Castle Cottage, an Interior Design business that specialises in high quality upholstery

Definitely worth a visit for anyone looking for beautiful Xmas gifts, bang on trend fabrics and wallpapers, Farrow & Ball and superb personal advice about any interiors project that they might be undertaking.

The Hendersons busily preparing for Christmas

The dining room - all set for Christmas lunch

….can we come too?

Cakes by CAKE

My favourite cafe in North Berwick – the lovely Cath supplies all the cakes for our shoots!

The Living room

The rich colours and textures are a wonderful advert for Carla’s work….

Stunning detail on mantelpiece – how gorgeous is that?!

A Christmas cardi….who in their right mind would want a Christmas card, when you could have a Christmas cardi??

Dieting – the Her Indoors way

I am only 5’ 4 and if I am honest, a bit chubby all over…my tummy is no bigger than my shoulders…nothing really ‘sticks out’…so I am not very motivated when it comes to dieting….I just slowly grow all over and then realise that none of my clothes fit any more….

Rather than go out and buy a whole new wardrobe I just try and ‘be good’: a sensible breakfast, a small mid morning snack, then a healthy lunch. Possibly a small snack at 4pm…then a healthy supper – yes I know – it really is that boring!!

Unfortunately I don’t lose any weight on this diet so then have to move on to the stricter ‘breakfast lunch and dinner – no snack diet’ – that really is hard…but it does work!

My weakness is, of course, going out – wine and nibbles….I would be so much thinner if I didn’t have any friends!
We all have friends who are very thin and still seem to drink buckets of wine and truckloads of nibbles – these people are very annoying – they are a bit like girls who are married to zillionaires and have pregnancies with no morning sickness – very annoying – but they can still make very good friends actually – so try not to punish them too harshly!!
Christmas, of course is a big danger time for dieting – be warned! Crisps, dips, chocolate, office parties and family get togethers go well with dieting – a bit like clothes shopping with a baby in a sling, a toddler in a buggy and five year old, just running around the shop freely…NOT!

Maybe I should return to this subject in January?

Free P&P

Ooh! Free Standard UK Delivery on all orders over £30 with Cath Kidston as a Christmas incentive!