Highland cottage

Obviously my next story has got to be a perfect, cosy Scottish home…..meet Catherine Henderson, Glasgow-based interior designer, her work has a wonderful aesthetic. She is able to transform living spaces using dramatic colours and fabrics that are really unexpected www.catherinehenderson.com

This is her Highland retreat.

So cosy and relaxing!

I have just spoken to her on her mobile and I knew she where she was, you can almost hear the scenery over the phone, she was walking her beautiful golden retriever Tess through the woods, I could hear twigs crunching – honestly!!

So jealous when I am stuck at my desk…hence the title of my blog to be honest!

Happiness is……a full log store

Whatever the result of the debate below, Scottish Style? Scandinavian? I am sure of one thing….

Scandinavian v Scottish Style – a comparison

My blog is about Scottish interiors, style and design…..I have inadvertently spent the majority of my adult life writing about it and promoting it, even though I am not actually Scottish (!) I just happily live here….I am, of course, a huge fan of Scandinavian style and design as well….

I love Marianne Lambeth’s beautiful blog ‘Nordic Bliss’ – http://nordicbliss.co.uk/blog and was delighted when she got in touch with me to say:

‘I am really enjoying the blog. It is very big contrast to Scandinavian but also very lovely!’

We had the following dialogue… I replied, saying: ‘Scottish interiors are different to Scandinavian aren’t they?’

She replied, saying:

‘Scandinavians are often a bit more minimalistic. Often have very white walls and few colours.

Scottish seems to be more rock and brick. Loads of textiles in rustic yellow/red. I’m thinking fire place, wood, knits, and enamel – although these are all staples of the Country Scandinavian style, the Scottish does it with more colours than we would usually use.

I think what is considered “Scandinavian” outside Scandinavia is very limited compared to the trends and style of actual Scandinavians, for example the country Scandinavian style that is so popular at the moment: http://juliasvitadrommar.blogspot.com/ But when you say Scandinavian style most people think Georg Jensen, Marimekko, etc’ she explained.
‘What do you think the main difference is?’ she then asked me, ‘what do you think Scandinavian Style is? It is interesting to hear how people think differently.’

I replied: ‘To me, in Scandinavian interiors, everything is painted white – walls floors, furniture……then they use black as an accent…

or cream, with red as an accent…possibly a more traditional solution….

Whereas in Scotland, we are much more likely to have natural wooden floors with colourful rugs and curtains and then, more natural wooden furniture…not everyone would paint their furniture or floors….

Scandinavians seem to crave light, whereas Scottish people want to be cosy!

Interesting thoughts! And thank you to both the Hendry family and the Clements, for sharing her lovely, cosy, Scottish homes!

Tidy Me Beautiful

If you are planning any renovations this year a really good way to prepare is a thorough de-cluttering….it is such a practical start to any project. With this in mind, a few of us Gullane girls are planning a ‘posh jumble sale’. We have asked all our friends to have a really good clear out and donate decent stuff that they have personally had enough of to what has become known as our Treasure Trove day in aid of the Teapot Trust.

This is a charity started by a local Family, the Youngs, in memory of their late daughter, Verity, who they tragically lost to lupus and cancer at the age of just eight. Verity endured long stays in hospital. The treatment she received she found almost unbearable but art therapy was something she found hugely helpful, as were the tea parties that her family shared with her to encourage her to eat and drink through the worst of the treatments.

The Teapot Trust is already providing art therapists in children’s wards in Glasgow and Edinburgh. If anyone would like to donate to the Teapot Trust it is so easy online, just go to the website www.teapot-trust.org There is a live link to the website on the right hand column.

Verity’s Mum, Laura, is great at household tips, but like me, struggles with actually carrying them out…

I am afraid we would both rather get together for a cup of tea than do too much housework! Knowing this about us, I was inspired by her tip of ‘buddying up’ for clear outs – get together with a friend and clear out your wardrobe/office/kitchen one day or evening, then next time her house….do something boring and useful, whilst having a catch up!

If anyone can donate clothes or accessories to our ‘Treasure Trove Day’, please get in touch with Her Indoors.

Ruby Slippers

This supremely stylish abode in South Edinburgh belongs to a lovely lady called Lisa McMyn.

With a background in retail and marketing and a passionate interest in design Lisa has taken the bold step of setting up her own interior design and refurbishment company. Called Ruby Slippers, it has a focus on helping older people continue to live independently for longer http://www.rubyss.co.uk Her watchword is ‘Ageless Design: Ruby Slippers can be contacted for any job actually that you want completed ergonomically and efficiently.

Lisa has worked wonders with this company, we have met a lot of her clients. She has helped a lot of smart, proactive retirees make major improvements to their lives…

She is currently working on a book which will inform and inspire the newly retired to make useful and relevant changes to their homes without sacrificing an ounce of style….watch this space!

Her home was prepared for the shoot with the help of another fiend of mine, Jilly Dobson. Jilly worked for many years for the excellent Open Eye Gallery. She has now set up her own business , Easel, specialising in work by contemporary Scottish artists. She supplied the exquisite Matthew Draper paintings. See my link to Easel on the right hand side column.