The Home Office

As ‘home worker’, I always enjoy features and blogspots about this subject….this week, Holly Becker, the Goddess of Interiors Blogging, did a post on her own workspace and desk spaces that she found inspiring, do check out her beautiful blog Decor8, but please do make sure you come back to Her Indoors!

Holly Becker's desk

Holly Becker's office

A German lady's desk.....

A German home office....?

Lisa Congdon's studio

Holly describes Lisa’s studio as a ‘kick butt artist in San Francisco with a kick butt space’…. Lisa Congdon….

Gosh….I wonder what Holly would have say about Her Indoors home office…please don’t cry….

Her Indoors home office

Her Indoors Desk

I cannot help wondering though, whether the people, who own the above home offices, are actually doing any work??

Painting Workshop

Kirsty Cohen is one of Scotland’s leading landscape painters. Trained at Glasgow School of Art, where we met and became friends, she now lives in the Highlands. However, she was brought up in North Berwick and holds regular workshops at her parents beautiful Studios just outside. At her forthcoming weekend painting workshop you can learn how to transfer compositions onto canvas. Kirstie will guide you through the process of exploring techniques and realising your ideas on a grand scale.
Her Indoors always goes to Kirsties workshops….

Look what a fantastic time I am having!!

Honestly, I know I look ridiculous, but seriously, there is no better escape than a day painting at Tantallon. Book now for her workshops on the Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April.

Her Indoors Top Ten TV Dramas: The Results!

Well it took a bit more than a week obviously – I now realise…duh?
But the results are out…one revealed every day on Facebook….with some really lovely comments, thank you to all who joined in….

Starting with:
No. 10 Desperate Housewives

I think we would all quite like to live on Wisteria Lane – Poker anyone??

No. 9 Poirot

I did admit that the thirties is not my favourite period, but Art Deco was the precursor to modernism, so therefore, obviously deserves my regard….(who the b**##y do I think I am??!!)

No. 8  Damages

The unmissable legal thriller starring Glenn Close….I am more ‘Wisteria Lane’ really…but a small pied a terre in Manhattan when the neighbours just got too intense would be good

No. 7 The Apprentice

Oh dear – I fell for a PR con…Pics of ‘The House’ were ‘leaked’ and I believed them and posted one of them, then Wednesday came round and the house was different!! Here it is:

Stunning though as usual….love the scenes of the candidates relaxing at the end of a task in their gorgeous surroundings….

No. 6 The Slap

A very good quality Australian drama based on a book that really hooked me…..Australian Interiors are nice…and yes I did cry at the last episode……

No. 5 Absolutely Fabulous

Admitted on Facebook that I want to be Patsy of course, but can’t help worrying that I am actually, more like the June Whitfield character – help!!

No. 4 X Factor – Judges Houses

It’s 4 ‘Yes’s’ from Her Indoors!

No. 3 Wallander, The Killing and All Scandi Dramas

An hour of sheer drooling every episode…. don’t worry too much about the plot and the subtitles – just enjoy the landscape and the furniture!

No. 2 Sherlock 

A bit of an ‘Interiors Surprise’ this one…but look carefully and you will spot lots of very on trend details: one of my readers noticed that the china, when Holmes has tea with Moriarty, was Ali Miller….….

Ali Miller is a London-based graphic artist whose delicately collaged porcelain plays on nostalgic cultural references – so 2012, what with the jubilee…olympics etc….My reader is a very on trend lady as well…Jane Paterson of Paterson Architects More about Jane and her work in future posts.

1 Mad Men

I said on Facebook that: ‘Twentieth Century Retro Chic Totally Rocks!!’ But superlatives are just not quite enough to describe this programme.

This drama series, that totally ‘gets’ how people behave….and really examines the changes in the way people related to eachother and their home and work environments in the 1960’s. I have a childhood friend whose father worked in advertising in Madison Avenue at the time….he is a fan…Liz, you know who you are……say no more!! 

If all the above don’t quite do it for you….you probably just need:
Grand Designs
Location, Location Location
a Place In the Sun, Home or Away

Put your feet up! x

Squibble Don’t Squabble

Wish someone had suggested that before I went on East Coast FM’s weekly Chatty women show last Tuesday!

Hosted by Karen Chapman, inventor of the Squibble

Topics included marriage, footballers salaries, socialism and Kate Middleton’s influence on fashion. None of us could agree – Karen’s decision making tool would have come in quite useful!

Doug has had the great privilege of photographing Karen’s kitchen, beautifully designed by Richard Anstice, of 56 North set in a light filled extension – a wonderful addition to the Chapman family home and the perfect setting another of Karen’s inventions, the Chew Chew, a train that travels around the table, delivering food to children!

There really is no stopping this girl, when she is not inventing family problem solving tools, or presenting radio shows, she is running lunch and supper clubs from her home and the village hall. I think she needs to invent a product that would provide the rest of us with a fraction of her energy and ability and we would all be a lot more organised!

Drama Queen

Interiors magazines are not really concerned with ‘celebrity’ as such, in fact they are much more interested in ordinary people, who have used their ingenuity and imagination to improve and individualise their homes and gardens.

However, it is always fun to meet folk from the world of showbiz and entertainment!

Allison Mackenzie is a successful actress from Glasgow. This is her beautiful loft apartment….

Can’t help but feel it would actually make a very, very good set for a TV Drama??!!

Allison herself….effortlessly glamourous at all times!

Her Indoor’s Top Ten Interiors TV dramas

Writing about our colleagues at Location Scotland has been a powerful reminder of the importance interiors play in TV and film….. This week I am going to, slowly and painfully, reveal my top ten favourite interiors TV indulgences….one a day on my Facebook page….will summarise at the end on Her Indoors.

Would love to know if anyone shares any of my vices!

Location Location Location

Our lovely friends John and Marie Owen lead parallel lives to us: John is a fashion photographer and Marie runs Location Scotland an agency that provides locations for film and photographic shoots. They are scouting for beautiful interiors as avidly as Doug & I, but for fashion and advertising shoots, rather than interiors magazines, as we are. Marie and I first met, supposedly for a ‘business meeting’, which we have repeated, religiously, as often as possible….in the pub…of course!

Doug shot their home in Eskbank recently for an interiors feature. You will clearly see the inspiration Marie has gleaned from her and John’s fashion adventures and know how….

I do have to calm down a bit though, about ‘how much we have in common’…I am afraid that actually their lives are a lot more glamourous than ours…Marie often points out that ‘John is away a lot’…and of course ‘Doug is away a lot too’. However, John is usually away in places like New York, LA or South Africa, whereas Doug is more likely to be found in Arbroath or maybe, Fort William….

Their home has actually just gone on the market: anyone wishing to grab a piece of Edinburgh Fashion Aristocracy Real Estate should look no further than:

Skincare – The Her Indoors way

Hmmm…Well my post about face cream certainly prompted lots of discussion…..people seem to hold strong views….one of my pals dropped me a line saying:
‘Interesting post about moisturizer ! Ponds Anti Wrinkle moisturizer for me – slap it on – lovely and silky smooth- guilt free as only £4 If its good enough for Kylie it’s good enough for me.’

OK….thank you Kate!

A lady I met at a business women’s networking lunch (yes, I go to Business women’s networking lunches! ….What you don’t???….Goodness me, you should be ashamed of yourself!! Get down there girl!!) Julie Kennedy, an Arbonne consultant, actually sent me some samples of the Swiss, ‘Paraben-Free’ range….Goodness – there’s a lot to this skincare lark….I obviously have a long way to go….errr… toner(?)…. had to nip down to the local corner shop and buy some cotton wool pads….. ‘Can I not just use baby wipes?’ I asked Julie….’No they are full of mineral oil’ she replied….nasty….oh dear…..anyway, serum, day cream, night cream….gosh….will I have time to blog?

I was keen to try Arbonne because, well, Julie’s so pretty and got such nice skin and a friend of mine tried it recently and sent us all an email saying that her hairdresser had asked her if she had had Botox!!
Terribly excited I got started on my quest….so hoping someone asks me if I have had Botox!!!
First day…hmm…could feel a bit of tightness….hmmmm, I do have quite sensitive skin…I do hope it is suitable for me and I am not just tightening up into a nasty rash….
At the end of the first day my skin felt hot and a bit red….oh dear, I don’t look like Julie yet.
Quite liked the experience though – it is a bit like having a facial every morning and every night.
My skin had really calmed down by the morning.
Julie, herself, dropped me a line saying:
‘The only thing I would say about using cheap off the shelf skin care is that it is wise to read the label on the reverse. If petrolatum is mentioned (or something similar), it is likely to have mineral oil in it. Most shop shelf products do contain this as this petroleum based substance makes up the bulk of many UK products as it is cheap.
What we put on our skin goes into the bloodstream within 16 seconds. I am not sure if people are aware of putting this type of substance into their bodies…’

I am left feeling that the cheap stuff is cheap and that is a real plus – let’s face it…..but I also can’t help feeling, when I look in the mirror, that I really could do with a little bit of help and if it costs a bit and it works that is worth spending a little bit of money on.

Mark Brunjes

After that sneak preview of Doug’s heroic, but admittedly, still incomplete efforts, I think Her Indoors readers deserve a look at the home of a garden design professional….
Mark Brunjes lives in this beautiful apartment in Glasgow’s West end, with his family, from where he runs his interiors and landscape design business Beyond Four Walls

His home is ravishing.

But garden is the highlight.

Her Outdoors! an occasional series

I do love gardening…I really do, unfortunately though, my favourite gardening activity is buying lovely gardening books and poring over them…with a coffee….
This does annoy Doug somewhat….he has no interest in gardening whatsoever….none.
He doesn’t ‘love it’…but strangely, does actually do a lot more gardening than I do….I think he maybe has a lot more spare time than me, after all he’s not busy buying lovely gardening books and reading them is he? See, he has all the time in the world…..

Doug working on our back patio

Our back patio before Doug started working on it. Gosh, scary or what?

Our back patio now – nearly finished.

Hmmmm, goodness, he has done well, hasn’t he…..and he hasn’t read any gardening books or had any coffees to chat about his ideas….how has he managed it??

I think I am just waiting for my moment – my big gardening moment – when I am going to throw all those books aside and just get out there! Yes my garden is going to suddenly become an exotic jungle…I am going to do so much planting…..

Will look forward very much to showing you all in more detail when it really is finished.

In the meantime, check out lovely gardening blog Endlessly inspiring!