Blogs that Rock and Why


My French Country Home
Because author, Sharon Santoni, rustles up the ‘Mornings spent shopping for Brocantes followed by lunch in the garden’ lifestyle that we all dream about at the click of a mouse

More Pictures Than Words
Because author, Fiona Reid, shares my passions and has such a wonderful eye. We could easily be flatmates!

Caitlin lovingly prepares endless menus of gluten free delights with joy and flourish for her husband.
My husband cannot tolerate gluten either, I am afraid I find this a bit of a pain, but she is impressive and inspirational.

The Modern House
A ‘must for anyone who either already loves modernist domestic architecture or who wants to understand it better.
Modernist homemodernist interior

Designer’s Block
Author Di Overton is my goddess of interiors style and blogging…what more do I need to say?
D Block

Nordic Bliss
Author Marianne is a Norwegian blogger living in the UK, she runs an online shop alongside her blog, it is a lifeline for all things Scandinavian.
nordic pic

And a couple from my fellow students on my ecourse #blogboss, with Holly Becker, from Decor8

Soul O Mamma
I just cannot see past Lisa’s blog, it is an incredibly open account of bringing up her little boy in circumstances that are just not that easy. Read it to find out more…we also share a love of pattern and quite similar colour palettes…
soulo mamma

Style Life Home
This blog is very attractive – I love it! A little bit of Australia…

Gaston Home

We shot this beautiful coastal home, in the hills overlooking the Firth of Clyde for Ideal Home magazine.
The owners are both architects, Niamh and Shaun Gaston.


Table Stool Wood burning stove

sitting room

Living room

Back of house now

Niamh is one of those people who actually DOES have enough hours in the day, unlike most of us…As well as bringing up 4 children, her and Shaun have rescued this house from a wreck.

Before front of house

Before back of house

Originally built in the 1930’s for a Bee Keeper, designed by the architect of Glasgows infamous Red Road flats, the Gastons bought the building in hideous condition, doing up one floor at a time, living in it with toddllers, over the course of two and a half years. Niamh says she enjoys spending evenings, once her children are in bed putting together Ikea flat pack kitchen cabinets…?? Does she not know about Wine and Movies? TV? Nattering on the phone? Obviously not.


Niamh in her absolutely, deservedly, beautiful home.

Happy Home, Retro Home

Have had a lovely weekend enjoying two recently published Interiors books that popped through our door last week

Happy Home

Retro Home

The publishers, Merrell, used lots of Doug’s photos, so kindly sent us complimentary copies…They both make wonderful inspiring reads, neither pressurising you into gutting your house for £100k plus and starting again, quite the opposite in fact. Rather, both books gently persuade you into realising that ‘Home’ is somewhere you can truly express yourself, by making the most of what there is anyway and adding personal touches of colour, artwork, vintage furniture and fabrics.

Happy Home has a very useful selection of ‘Do and Don’t’ lists, reminding you to measure your space before buying things, for instance – something I often don’t bother doing and when I do, getting quite a shock as to what I can actually fit there!

Retro Home is an equally soothing but motivating read and will inspire you you to think again when you are shopping, especially in junk shops and the like and spur you on to have fun furnishing your abode!

Thank you to both authors, Rebecca Winward and Katherine Sorrell for using so many of Douglas’s photographs and to the publishers Merrell from whom you can buy both books directly.

Gemma Coyle – Artist

The Peter Potter Gallery in Haddington are obviously on a mission to make Art fun and accessible – rather than the dull, dreary, hard to understand route, the exhibition co-ordinators there have definitelyly decided to go down the fun, dynamic and inspirational route…
Seems like a good idea to me!

Freaky Brides

Delighted to be invited to a recent opening, we were treated to a performance by Burlesque Dance Troupe The Freaky Brides. Their humour and cheeky attitude ensured a Rocking evening for us all!

A GreatKnife Taken From a Rioting Fellow

Artist, Gemma Coyle, has created an installation in the Gallery using the the ancient art of Quilling. Like embroidery, quilling was a craft which in the 18th century was considered a suitable occupation for women of breeding.


The work on display re-interprates a list of fascinating – and often macabre – museum catalogue entries from 1695. The use of the rather prim and apparently innocent art of quilling creates an interesting tension in the work, given the collision of the delicate and time-consuming process with the dark and disturbing objects the text describes.


Thank you Gemma!