The Sea

Ridiculously exciting weekend…The film adaptation of the John Banville, Booker prize winning novel, ‘The Sea’, directed by my cousin’s husband, Stephen Brown, premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival – on my Birthday!

Stephen Brown

Steve being interviewed just before the screening

Coffee and cake, followed by this truly sumptuous, movie screening, filmed in Ireland, starring Ciaran Hinds, Charlotte Rampling, Sinead Cusack, Natascha McElhone and Rufus Sewell, made my year. There was a Q&A afterwards with Stephen and author John Banville and then drinks at the Caledonian Hotel – what is not to like??

‘The Sea’ is a haunting story about grief and loss. The main character, retired Art Historian, Max Morden, loses his wife to a long illness and returns to the scene of a tragedy he witnessed as a child. His obsessions with the sad and difficult events in his life compound and reverberate into a long cinematic narrative that is as gripping as it is beautiful.

I will alert you as soon as it is on general release, hopefully in the Autumn – an absolute ‘Must See’…

The Design Museum

My true destination when we got on that plane – the Design Museum – I just had to see this place – and when we got there I was not disappointed. The main thrust of the museum is, basically, ‘The History of the Chair’ – an object I have always been fascinated by.

Nanna Ditzel chair

Delighted when we arrived to find the second, yes, the second chair on display was one of our dining chairs from home!!

My dining room

The Nanna Ditzel ‘Trinidad’ chair!!

We went on to enjoy a veritable feast of Recycled Paper Chairs…

Re-cycled paper chair

Various Pop Art chairs…

Pop art chairs

A Nanna Ditzel hanging chair….a personal favourite of mine, of course!

Nanna Ditzel hanging chair

A Marcel Breuer Wicker chair…

Marcel Breuer Wicker Chair

A Marcel Breuer Cane chair…

Marcel Breuer Cane Chair


Then there were the lights….

Paul Henningsen working drawings

Beautiful Paul Henningsen working drawings…

The 'Fan' room

…for his lights, which were simply everywhere….

I could go on…but you really need to go yourself and just drink it all in…


To celebrate Doug’s recent Birthday, we hopped on a plane and went to Copenhagen – the epicentre of contemporary design. A bit anoraky, I know, but still, very romantic and fun!

We arrived safely at our apartment…

Jacob's apartment

What a place! Found through the alternative, global, rental community Airbnb…for accommodation all over the world, without chintz – really wonderful…

We went on to have a two day feast/orgy of contemporary design and culture…goodness!

Cool bike

Everywhere you looked there was a cool bike or cafe or clothes shop

Vintage letters


Vintage lamps

And don’t talk to me about vintage contemporary antique shops…you could hardly move for them!

We did throw in some nice meals

harbour-side cafeLunch Beach pic

…and a beach trip too…the beach trip was on a visist to the amazing Modernist Art Museum by the sea Arken

It lies like a great sculpture overlooking Køge Bay. The museum’s architecture interplays with its maritime surroundings and is motivated by the lines of the landscape.

Arken 2

social mobity staircase

We saw a stunning exhinition of Contemporary Romanian art and loved the curated show about community today, of which the highlight for me had to be the ‘Social Mobility Staircase’ – above – loved it – hilarious!!

Modern Art at it’s best…

Will show and tell more about our trip during the week…still recovering to be honest!

Local Hero

For a long time now, I have been meaning to introduce you to a local cabinetmaker, David Robinson.

Comtemporary wooden kitchen

Edinburgh kitchen

His work is so beautiful: traditional and time honoured, using only the best quality materials, but with a contemporary edge.

Kitchen long view

Kitchen sink

detail showing hob

crate style drawers

I love these ‘crate style’ drawers…

He recently completed a commission to create a reception desk in a community centre on Coll

Callum admiring desk!

How stunning is that?

In his son, Callum’s words: ‘The solid ash carved upper rail was steam bent in massive sections which – drawing from a specially commissioned illustration by Katie Morag author and artist (and old family friend) Coll’s own Mairi Hedderwick – cleverly depicts scenes from this magical island where my dad has been re-building houses from the rubble up (like the incredible Mill at Acha and Stronvar at Breachacha) since he was in his twenties.

His fondness for the island is clear to see in the care and attention to detail he’s lavished on the carving, and indeed the whole piece, and it’s looking amazing in the space.’

The prow of the desk!

I am blown away by this project and actually by all David’s work!