Builder as Pin-Up?

How many women, I wonder, count their builder as their ‘guilty pleasure’? Has anyone done a survey?

You are paying them for goodness sake – they have to do as you ask, they have to be gorgeous and they have to laugh at your jokes… Romance does blossom in this situation, I have observed this a few times in my line of work!

London based design company Increation has been drawn to my attention recently and yes… I do like their kitchens…

purple kitchen

Anyone who knows me even slightly, knows how much I love purple…but I have to say, I also rather like Vincent – their MD…


Goodness…he can come and lay my floors any time…

Crumbs, what am I saying?? Of course I am a happily married old lady – being a happily married old lady is the very essence of Her Indoors – I assure you – I am not doing this for the money.

Increation’s client testimonials raised instant suspicion for me: ‘Our new kitchen has literally transformed our lives: from breakfast in the morning when we come down to a beautiful light-filled room overlooking the garden, to when it’s warm enough to eat outside‘ and: ‘Since Increation finished my new kitchen I’ve been hosting lunches, dinners and cocktail evenings more than ever before‘ These women’s lives seem to have gone from a world of bland nothingness to one of colour and cocktail parties… from the addition of a kitchen??

Hmmm…I absolutely know what’s going on here…I’ve had the builders in recently too and yes – you guessed it – I have had a whale of a time – Doug did comment: ‘you are really enjoying this aren’t you?’… ‘Wouldn’t you enjoy having half a dozen, 20-something girls running around the house and garden doing your every bidding?’ I replied… He had to admit he would… Unfortunately, or fortunately (?) that is never going to happen!

The Increation Team

The increation team

Give them a ring today!

Original Artwork

A total ‘must have’ for any stylish home…a Home without Art is like Popcorn without Salt – boring and tasteless.

© Sean McNulty

Buying beautiful art work has always been easy, just wonder around a gallery…Art School degree shows are great hunting grounds for work that is a bit more raw and new and now we have the internet – even easier if you do not like going out!

Over Under
‘Over Under
© Niki Hare

The ultimate opportunity to buy good art on line has to be from Saatchi Online – a brilliant innovation from the infamous advertising agency founders. Not to be confused with their curated, contemporary galleries, Saatchi Online is a an open space where you can discover art and be discovered…seriously, anyone can post their work there. Popular with able, experienced artists, who know that their work will hold it’s own in this simple but still quite formal context, buyers can be sure of good quality. Their fair cut, artists receive 70% of the sale price, means the artist gains more than from selling in a gallery, keeping prices reasonable and ultimately, good value.

Calibro 9 - portrait of the artist Antonio Rastrelli
‘Calibro 9 – portrait of the artist Antonio Rastrelli’
© Katrina Petrova

There is an eclectic mix of photographic arts which is definitely worth looking at carefully: photography is an often forgotten sibling in the family of fine art, but because of that can be a more original addition to a room.

For me, art and books make a house a home, they make it personal and help to tell people who visit you, your story…

Eva’s room

We have just done a makeover of a bedroom in our house for our daughter – part of a major shift around resulting from building our garden building…more about that in future posts – it is very nearly ready!


Lovely offer from Argos, when they realised that we were doing this, of some furniture. It is always good to have a fresh look at the Argos catalogue – they are constantly updating and re-inventing themselves – very good to know that they now stock Habitat as well!

Abigail bed

We chose this very pretty ‘Abigail’ bed and ivory full length mirror.

Ivory full length mirror

The curtains conceal a wall of wardrobe storage…


Eva has a sewing table now…it is just a length of oak kitchen worktop resting on a cupboard and a chest of drawers…

three way mirror

Elsewhere in the room we created a dressing table with this lovely three way mirror from Argos.

'London, Paris, New York' wallpaper

‘London, Paris, New York’ wallpaper from B&Q, other bits and pieces, Ikea


Pittenweem Arts Festival

Middle Aged Woman’s heaven!

Venues and vennels

Peep inside someone's garage

Peep into someone's garden



You just wonder round people’s houses and gardens in this beautiful fishing village looking at paintings!


Morrison Brown paintings

Pink bike

street cafe

Open all this week…get down there…