Win £150 High Street Vouchers with me and the ESPC!

Life need’s a great venue…

Memories are so often tied to a location and evoke a certain sense of emotion and nostalgia – many of these taking place in the home. Over a lifetime families, couples, friends share many fond memories in their home. This home, which eventually they pass on, will allow others to make their own memories.

This is the concept embraced in the latest advertising campaign from the ESPC, the no.1 for property in Edinburgh, The Lothian’s and Central Scotland.

Here is their new ESPC TV ad and a behind the scenes ‘making of’ video!

How to enter:
1. The ESPC team recently created a fun graphic using stories from their staff members who chose their favourite room in their home and a favourite memory from that room. Have a look below for what they had to say.
2. Once you have done that, comment below with your name and your own favourite room with a memory from that room. For extra points choose a dream home (if money were no object!) from the ESPC and include the address at the end of your answer!
3. Do that and you stand a chance to win £150 worth of High Street Vouchers of your choice! The Editor of the ESPC Paper will then choose the best answer and the winner of this competition. Entries must be in by midnight on the 29th of September.
4. They will announce the winner first on the ESPC Facebook page so do ‘like’ their page to see if it’s you!

Good luck

Life needs a great venue

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

T’s & C’s
Entries are open to anyone who lives in Scotland. The competition is not open to ESPC employees. One entry per person. Competition closes at midnight on the 29th of September 2013. A winner will be chosen by Lisa Venter, editor of the ESPC Paper and announced on within 5 working days of the competition closing. The prize cannot be exchanged for money or another prize, winner will be contacted by ESPC about which High Street Vouchers to the value of £150 they would like from a small selection list. Winner will be sent vouchers by post or email. Should the winner not be contactable by email address left with competition entry or does not get back to ESPC within 5 working days, a new winner will be chosen and contacted in the same way. Any entries that include profanity or link spam will not be accepted and may be deleted by Alison Gibb.

Niki Jones

A wonderful designer…these photographs from her Glasgow home say it all really…Having completed her studies at the Royal College of Art, Niki’s first job was as a textile designer and style co-ordinator with Habitat. This was followed by the position of Creative Director for Wedgewood, before returning home to set up her own company.


Similarly exquisite cushions and rugs are all available on her eponymous website Niki Jones


Living room




Dressing table detail


The bone inlay furniture is available from Niki as well, all designed by her… I have been doing this job a long time and I have never seen such beautiful bedding!

Her dark grey bedroom inspired us actually…more on our bedroom in future posts…

Sweet Dreams and Breaking Bad?

Is a TV in the bedroom a good idea?

Not for everyone I know…a bedroom should be a sanctuary a place of total peace, somewhere to read and sleep…

However there is something very snug about getting into bed and watching tele…both on your own – a guilty pleasure that your other half would pay not to watch: America’s Next Top Model for instance? Or with someone – either someone new with whom, hopefully the TV will have been abandoned after a couple of minutes or… surely you should be able to sit through a film after a couple of years?

Barcelona TV bed

Look at that…the Barcelona in Dark tan from Dreams Beds…how luxurious is that…? Add in some bedding from Ginger Lily and I am all yours!

Barcelona detail

The TV lowers back into the foot board at the flick of a switch of course…you would not even have to tell your friends that you had one: you could just smugly say: ‘Oh no…TV in the bedroom…terrible…I would never have that, I am far too spiritual/sophisticated…’

Star Sparkles

Why can’t I have a business selling sparkly converse trainers to the stars??

Probably because I lack the vision and creativity that Pauline Clifford has…It is just not fair…while I am slaving away replying to emails, confirming shoots, Pauline is customising shoes with gorgeous Swarovski crystals for people like Paris Hilton…Hmmm…



AppleMark AppleMark

Doug photographed her home recently, full of fun and vintage glamour:


kitchen storage

Toby jug collection


dressing table

Pauline & partner

She has recently opened an Etsy shop, called Dolly Polly, selling vintage jewellery…absolutely beautiful…do nab some…surely some of that Elizabeth Taylor lookalike glamour rubs off a bit??

All bricked up

Something I love about London homes is the fashion for exposed brick… If you look at London based design specialists, Increation, who offer a brilliant, complete design and build service, you will see lots of rooms where this has been done.


dining table

Radiator cover


The bricks add warmth and character and make a lovely backdrop for Artwork and Designer lighting. We do not see a lot of this in Scotland, certainly not in Gullane village!

To us country bumpkins these rooms all look terribly glamourous.