Holiday Heaven

I had been wondering what to do for my 50th ever since I was 49, and, if I am honest, have been slightly worrying about it… Should I have a big party? Go away somewhere? With my family? Friends? Husband? I just couldn’t decide…


Our daughter Eva suggested a painting holiday, wonderful idea! We looked into it and saw some lovely possibilities. I got a bit anxious though, because my birthday is in summer and I wanted to go abroad, but I felt it might be too hot to paint. So we considered a family holiday in Majorca – random I know, but I have never been there and understand it is really beautiful. However, it was not popular with our teenage children, our son was going away with friends and needed to get a job and our daughter was going on a french exchange, so it was back to just me and Doug.

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Tessa MacGregor

Love artist’s homes especially when they are as cool and quirky as my friend Tessa’s. It is in the September issue of House Beautiful magazine, in the shops now and not to be missed.


Inspired by attending a one day master class with Islington based interior designer, Abigail Ahern, who I have become absolutely fascinated by since hearing all about her from Tessa, the decor in her Edinburgh home is bold and deeply soothing.

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