It is definitely here – you can tell by my front door – the Virginia Creeper is bright, bright red.

Front door

I slightly feel as if a lot of my posts have been a bit about me recently – definitely not by choice I assure you – my true obsession remains with houses – honestly! And it is brilliantly summed up by this amazing song that my son alerted me to ‘Depreston’ by a wonderful, Australian singer songwriter, Courtney Barnett. Do listen if you can, I am not sure if my posts can link to You Tube, so you might have to search it… the words made me laugh… Read more…


Oh dear, boring old insurance, not so boring of course if you have just been burgled!

I have made a terrible mistake with insurance in my time, I was renting out a room to a lodger and assumed that her stuff was insured. It was not and I got a bit of a shock when I realised. I have always made a point of keeping up to date and on top of it ever since. Legal & General have posted an interesting article on how much people value their possessions. I understand that now that families have so many smart phones, ipads, computers and flat screen TVs between them, we are often wildly under valuing our possessions for our home contents insurance.


The possessions in our living room are really hard to value: Douglas made the shelving unit that acts as a room divider; the coffee table as well and he found the driftwood that serves as a mantelpiece. Read more…

Make a House a Home

I have been selected to be one of a few crafty bloggers to demonstrate what you can do with a simple bird house.


I was sent a lovely wooden birdhouse and a Buddly Crafts voucher so that I can buy all the supplies I need to upcycle it into something special. Why shouldn’t birds in the garden have something beautiful to sleep in? Ok…

Read more…