Live Lagom (ii)

Well Spring is here and we are well into our joint New Year’s Resolution with Ikea to ‘Live Lagom’, which is a Swedish expression meaning to ‘live with less’…

Ikea products

Paradoxically, it was to great excitement in our house that the products that would help us ‘live with less’ were delivered!

Energy efficiency label

You can see Doug’s delight at the energy rating of our new Ikea dishwasher – doing dishes by hand is neither energy efficient or fun – our kitchen has just been a bit of a mess since the dishwasher packed up. This will definitely help us ‘live with less crap about’!
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A good night’s ski…

Yes – you guessed it, Doug and I have just had a wonderful ski holiday – and yes – we are now so exhausted we need another holiday! Realise we are being pathetic and cannot complain – but just a quick look at Sloane & Sons providers of outstanding quality, pocket sprung mattresses had me longing to try one.


The difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one can affect your whole day, not to mention your long-term health – not surprising considering we spend around a third of our lives in bed. I shared my views on the importance of sleeping in a recent interview with Rebecca O’Connor, founder of aromatherapy brand Beatitude.


I explained that sleep is my magical elixir, it just allows all systems to work for me – a lot of people believe that ‘you are what you eat’ and I do eat plenty of healthy food, but I have found from bitter experience that you can eat as much salad and wholemeal beans as you like, but if I don’t sleep, I am a wreck!
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Take a seat

Once your garden has been brilliantly designed and perfectly lit, you really do need somewhere to sit – drinks with friends in the garden of an evening? Yes please!

Lutyens bench

These statement Lutyens Teak designs from Garden Benches are just beautiful, perfect for so many styles of garden, whether your garden is cottagey or more expansive, it would make a lovely centrepiece.
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Outdoor walls

In my last post I discussed the importance of your outside space from the point of view of kerb appeal. A garden is an outside room and adding structure to our gardens to makes them so much more interesting and distinctive. A patio immediately makes a garden more functional and, to a contemporary garden, a glass balustrade could be the perfect finishing touch.

glass balustrade balcony

If I am honest, I can’t really imagine anything more glamourous!
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