Homes for sale

We are not big movers, but I have to say, we have seen a lot of houses! Many for sale, as it is often the moment when people feel their home is ready to appear in a magazine.

I am not a fan of this timescale actually, it is a situation I was very wary of falling into in my Gullane home: whereas Doug likes to do things slowly and properly – yes, I know, very sensible; I am afraid, I do not think it is sensible to live in a mess for years and then ‘do the place up to sell it’, a slight point of tension between us. Basically we are both right!


A home is a home, whether you are a serial developer or a long term nester, take your time, do give some thought – live in the house a full year if you can, but get it done and get it right. Get it how you want it – you can come home to a show home – honestly.

Luxe bedroom

How about this bedroom for a bit of serious luxe?
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Live Lagom (iii)

Well the project is complete. What a success. Thank you Ikea, our whole life is simpler: our kitchen is now streamlined, tidy and beautiful.


I am saving money and water by having a working dishwasher. My fridge is more organised and, as I am menu planning, there is a lot less waste and I have to share, dear readers – I have lost half a stone!! I know – who cares about the planet – I am slightly slimmer – I will be able to jet off to a poolside this summer and lie beside a pool without feeling too embarrassed – oops, I mean jump on a train and lie on a riverbank somewhere and not feel embarrassed. Marvellous.
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Adding colour to your home

I know, I know, I am obsessed… one minute I am suggesting you add colour to your garden, next minute, your home – it is summer! I see over and over again homes that stand out and it is often for the same reason: a bold use of mouth-watering colour:


Just look at this bedroom! It really is some blue isn’t it…? Nothing to be scared of. A beauty by Edinburgh interior designer Claire Barlas.

An apple green ‘Snuggler’ chair?


Or a mulberry’ sofa? This room is by Dundee designer, Lynne Duffus. Her website is a cornucopia of Lovely Things
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Heather Nevay

Feeling very proud of a stunning feature in the latest Real Homes magazine, about artist Heather Nevay. Her home, a converted barn set in the woods above Tignabruaich, graces this months front cover. The raw materials remind me of a Tuscan farm building that you might see on an episode of Grand Designs.


A work of art in itself really. Her and her partner, John, did so much of the work themselves.

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Adding colour to your garden

Definitely time to start working in the garden – yes, yes, I now – some people never stop, but definitely time for ‘fair-weather gardeners’ like me to get started. I believe that the most important thing, especially if your garden is quite small is to get the structure in place. All sorts of materials can be used to create structure: wood, concrete stone. Texture is important and gravel, bark chips and pebbles can all be incorporated. However, one of the cleverest things you can do to really individualise your garden is to add a bit of colour.


Easily done: concrete can be painted, so can stone and wood seriously needs protecting, so why not consider a coloured wood stain?

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