Self Build

A dream for many of us. I know I just can’t help it: a house laid out exactly as I want it; no need to renovate (= AMAZING); if you play your cards right zero heating bills – a few logs for the wood burning stove will be all you need…


But anyone undertaking this exercise needs to be a detail freak – no more weekends – unless choosing door handles is a leisure activity in your book. MDF skirting boards? Yes please, but they have to be right – you will need plenty!
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A Brick Wall

Nothing new, I know but there is nothing like it for adding style and individuality to your home. You might not be fortunate enough to have a brick wall to play with when you first move in, but with these beautiful brick veneers there really is nothing stopping you.

brick wall in kitchen

A rustic choice such as this, is perfect for this cosy family kitchen.

white brick

Smart white brick is always pretty, inside or outside…
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Sealoch House

Autumn is upon us and I am really enjoying the still warm weekends and rich colours. Anyone exploring the Highlands during the rest of the summer would do well to stop off in Ullapool and enjoy the hospitality of Terry and Shirley Rose, owners of Westlea House, a stylish Boutique B&B in the heart of the town.

Living room

Doug and I had the privilege of staying in their home, depicted here, when we shot it for Coast magazine.

Lochside home

A stunning, contemporary, modular building, situated on the edge of Loch Broom. Sealoch House is also available for holiday lets.
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Bedroom update

Keeping your kids bedrooms up to date can make you feel as if you are travelling in time. It seems only yesterday that they needed a trunk full of dressing up clothes and teddies. Then it is all change for teenage years and suddenly our son has left home and gone to university.

Boy's bedroom

I have to confess it is the first time in his life that he has not had a high bed… Ridiculous I know, Doug decorated his room very thoroughly for secondary school and refused to update it, ever… Our daughter however, is made of sterner stuff and seems to find it much easier to talk her Dad round (i.e. when it comes to Eva, Doug just does as he is told.)
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Curtain Call

Every season there is an excuse to get excited about curtaining. Spring/summer is obviously a time to pull out the sheers… Whereas for Autumn/Winter, you can add in extra weight and even colour.

Sheer curtains

There is nothing more elegant than a generous, floor to ceiling, window treatment.

Bedroom curtains

Try combining different textures for a really interesting solution. A varied selection is available at CurtainWorld, have a good look for inspiration…
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