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Art, sex, love and romance have always been intermingled, let’s face it. What was Michaelangelo’s David and the Venus De Milo for??


Research commissioned by the the Art Fund, shows that single Brits are typically looking for a cultured partner, with almost half stating that ‘knowledge of art makes the opposite sex more attractive’ – ooh!

Mind you, I am not surprised.

Apparently, a fifth of British men would feign an interest in art to impress a potential partner, almost half of singletons say knowledge of art makes someone appear more attractive and a quarter of 25-34 year old men swot up on art ahead of a date. Goodness – OK…

According to the research, a first date trip to an art gallery or museum is just one of the tactics men will undertake to impress a lady these days. The findings also showed that a third of women would love to visit an art gallery or museum on a first date and this choice of venue would be likely to lead to a second encounter. Gosh!

To make the most of this discovery, the Art Fund has hijacked popular dating app, Happn, and users are finding that they are crossing paths with Elizabethan poet John Donne, musician and painter William Keable and Rosetti’s Monna Vanna and are encouraged to connect with the profiles to be in with the chance of winning a National Art Pass for two.

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So with research showing that a trip to a local gallery or exhibition is the perfect choice for a first date, offering singletons the chance to bond over famous works of art, the hope is that everyone will embrace the National Art Pass as a useful dating tool, and that it will not only help singletons fall in love with each other, but also to fall in love with art!

The Art Fund is a national fundraising charity for art. In the past five years it has given £34 million to help museums and galleries acquire works of art for their collections. It also helps museums share their collections with wider audiences by supporting a range of tours and exhibitions, including ARTIST ROOMS and makes additional grants to support the training and professional development of curators.

Independently funded, with the core of its income provided by 117,000 members who receive the National Art Pass and enjoy free entry to over 230 museums, galleries and historic places across the UK, as well as 50% off entry to major exhibitions.

Having met my husband at Art School and managed to have a fab, fulfilling life together, enjoying and making Art, I heartily recommend this App and of course wish to support the Art Fund with this post.

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