Edinburgh Penthouse

Head East from the centre of Edinburgh and you very soon hit water. In recent years, ambitious developments have been built in the area, to take advantage of the sea views. A lot of the apartments were sold as shells and bold, imaginative buyers were able to take them on and do whatever they wanted! The area is peaceful and quiet, surrounded by the sea…

double height living space

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Industrial chic again…

I was approached by our local school PTA to offer a prize at a fundraiser recently and under only very slight pressure – honestly (!), I said that I would do an ‘Interior Style Defining Session’ with the lucky winner, where I would do a walk through of their home and with the help of a Visual Q&A, enable them to decide on a style that really works for them.

Passionate about this subject, I feel it is really important to get this right. I think it is as crucial that you feel comfortable when folk walk into your home as when you step outside. Your home should say what you want it to say, in the same way that your clothes should say what you want them to say!

One of my favourite styles is, of course, ‘Industrial Chic’…I will not be forcing this on the winner – she will be getting a choice, I do promise! But it is definitely a personal favourite of mine!

Industrial chic cafe

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Bedroom ideas for a good night’s sleep

It is all about beds today! Spent my lunch hour making a video with my friend Laura, who has her own bedlinen company, about ‘how to make the perfect bed’…Such good fun, harder than I expected but the results are better than I imagined actually and all will be revealed, dear readers, in a post next week!

It really got me thinking about the importance of interior design to create the right atmosphere in a bedroom. Our bedroom is very much my husband’s bedroom – I am very spoilt – I have a dressing room and he is NOT allowed in it, in return he has been able to make our bedroom exactly as he wants it. It is very masculine and very minimal; the walls are painted grey and there is an industrial style storage system for his clothes.


This would not suit everyone of course, if you share a bedroom a compromise is usually required. Colours probably will need to be muted and fabrics should be cosy for a relaxing atmosphere. Complete self expression might not be an option!

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Why Not?

Making your home individual is really important to us all, it is a tremendous opportunity for self expression. Even if, in your heart you feel you are actually pretty ordinary, or just quite like following the crowd, rather than being wildly ‘out there’ it is still comforting to think that your home is inevitably different to your neighbours, whether you live in a high rise apartment, a cul de sac of similar houses or in a forest, where your nearest neighbour is two and a half miles away!


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Good Vibrations

Well, we have had the referendum in Scotland and it just seems to have left a lot of people sad and baffled. I have friends that are astonished that more people in Scotland would rather be governed by a parliament in London than one in Edinburgh; I also know that a lot of people are amazed that anyone in Scotland wants to go to the effort and expense of setting up their own country and cannot understand why.

This blog is about interiors, not politics, but I know that feelings have been running high in a lot of homes, so that is why I am mentioning it.

I was sent some beautiful samples from a company called Findhorn Flower Essences – Scottish Flower Essences made with love and in co-creation with nature. Very timely!

room spray

The room spray I was sent, ‘Sacred Space’, is not a Room Fragrance that you might buy in a High street store, rather it is a ‘revitalising and energising space clearing spray to refresh and energise your personal space, to promote happiness and harmony around your home’.

They suggest using in the work place, where negative energy omitted from computers, office equipment and stressed colleagues can seriously affect decision-making and our own stress levels.

My work is not stressful, but I have been using it in my TV room: a small, quite stuffy room in our house where tensions are rife: if our daughter wants to watch Made In Chelsea, while Doug wants to watch Newsnight chairs can fly! The only thing we seem to actually like watching together are violent Scandinavian thrillers or Breaking Bad…

Sacred Space helps transmute negative energies, restore calm and tranquillity, and creates a more positive atmosphere in which to work, meditate, or simply ‘be’. So I have been spraying it every morning in our TV room and I have to say, we are all calming down…

The essences of pure essential oils of Rose alba and Frankincense release a fine, delicate fragrance to further enhance the harmonious energy.


Our TV room this morning, before using Sacred Space…


Our TV room this morning, after using Sacred Space! Amazing!