Show Home Love

Don’t you just love a show home? I certainly do, the experience of padding around a beautiful house or apartment, luxuriously appointed, softly furnished to the max…


You might be house hunting, you might be looking for inspiration or you might just be having a nosey and nobody minds!


You can imagine yourself living there – a fresh start – completely devoid of the overflowing detritus of your real life.
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Secondary glazing

Something we do not need to do to ‘Live Lagom’, in our house, is double glazing – we already have it. When we bought our home, very rickety, original, 1970s single glazed, wooden windows were in place, covered in condensation – they had to go.

before - single glazed wooden windows

We were a whisper away from replacing them with UPVC – it seemed so convenient…

Norwegian wooden windows

Something deep inside stopped us though, we were lucky enough to have gone on enough shoots to have heard about the beauty of Norwegian windows… modern, soft wood, double glazed windows… perfect for our brutalist, but we feel, very loveable, clunky 1970’s villa. Read more…

Marie Kondo

The new word for tidiness is KonMari after the Japanese author, Marie Kondo, the title of this post.

Marie Kondo

This woman has changed my life – RESPECT – after a lifetime of being messy, thinking I was ‘too busy to be tidy’, I have realised the fun I am missing out on – being messy, because you are busy, is a bit like ‘not wearing makeup’ – What? You’re too busy to look great?? Sorry – get it right!!
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Live Lagom (ii)

Well Spring is here and we are well into our joint New Year’s Resolution with Ikea to ‘Live Lagom’, which is a Swedish expression meaning to ‘live with less’…

Ikea products

Paradoxically, it was to great excitement in our house that the products that would help us ‘live with less’ were delivered!

Energy efficiency label

You can see Doug’s delight at the energy rating of our new Ikea dishwasher – doing dishes by hand is neither energy efficient or fun – our kitchen has just been a bit of a mess since the dishwasher packed up. This will definitely help us ‘live with less crap about’!
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Take a seat

Once your garden has been brilliantly designed and perfectly lit, you really do need somewhere to sit – drinks with friends in the garden of an evening? Yes please!

Lutyens bench

These statement Lutyens Teak designs from Garden Benches are just beautiful, perfect for so many styles of garden, whether your garden is cottagey or more expansive, it would make a lovely centrepiece.
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