Outdoor lighting

Weather is a bit weird for the time of year, I know, but there is no doubt, it is winter – it is completely dark by 4.30pm up here, for starters and your garden is probably not looking it’s best.

Do bear in mind though, that the garden is still the first thing that people see… Even if you live in a flat, there might be a shared patio area at the front? I am talking about that all important subject, ‘kerb appeal’. You also might have a balcony, and it too, in January, is possibly not looking it’s prettiest. However, giving some thought to outdoor lighting could change all that.


This our front patio on a winters evening, the string of vintage, teardrop lights is a joy to arrive home to. I love my garden in winter. First of all I do not have to do anything to it – no lawn mowing, no weeding… Ok the fanatics among us are probably doing loads – clearing, digging, hard landscaping, but actually, if you want to be green, it is quite good to just give your garden a rest and leave the moss, the dead leaves and wild life in peace.
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North Berwick

Affectionately known as ‘The Hamptons of Scotland’, the East Lothian coastline is where everyone really wants to live. Laid back, friendly, with stunning beaches and great schools… It’s where we live, of course and big news in our neck of the woods – a new show home has opened at Walker Group’s Glen Ora development in North Berwick. I have been very curious…

Family room

I knew that Walker Homes were planning to add a retro, off-beat note to this development. Featuring this season’s hottest trend in warm metals and Pantone’s new colours for 2016: rose quartz and serenity in abundance. I nipped down as soon as I could and I was not disappointed.

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Ikea – Live Lagom

Delighted to be involved in a project with Ikea. The word ‘Lagom’ means ‘just right’ in Swedish and Ikea are launching a project called ‘Live Lagom’ to encourage us all to live more sustainably, avoid waste and save money. As a Lagom ambassador, I am being given £500 of sustainable products and will tell you how they change the way I live across the course of 4 months by writing blog posts and recording short videos. Ikea want to show the world why Living Lagom is the way forward for all of us.

At the end of December, Doug and I enjoyed a shopping trip, with Katie Thomson, from customer services, to select some products that will help us reduce our outgoings and use less energy. Predictably, we loved every minute!

IMG_4651 laminate worktop Doug & Katie

Katie lightbulbs dishwasher crop

Just looking at their beautiful room sets and admiring their innovative product designs is a joy.
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Xmas 2015

It has just about been and gone now – for some reason, I was totally overwhelmed by xmas this year, I have not done anything terribly exciting: neither gone to an inordinate number of drinks parties or been on a fabulous trip abroad – I think just having a ‘normal xmas’ is just a bit too much for me I am afraid.


We shot one of my favourite features ever this year, for Ideal Home magazine. The owner, Jennifer, runs the excellent home ware website, Urban Cuckoo, a gorgeous cornucopia of interiors goodies.
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Interior style consultations

Gosh, I have really got cracking with this. Having offered a session, rather shyly as a PTA ‘prize’, a while ago now, out of total fear, I thoroughly prepared for the session, really enjoyed it and whenever I mention it to anyone, they always say ‘ooh, can you do me’. I am not exaggerating. OK, I have only mentioned it to a few very, very bezzy friends – but honestly they all want me round!


My dear friend, Kate, has recently inherited some money from her late Dad, sad, of course, but lovely that she can improve her home and her life in his memory. She had already spent quite a lot on very basic, almost invisible, ‘must do’s’: a new boiler and central heating system; a new front door; new patio doors to the garden and a new bathroom.

Realising how very, very quickly money disappears and how easy it is to make mistakes, she asked me to come round and make sure that the money left, was well spent.
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