Laminate your home

Get creative next time you are doing a makeover in your home and make life a little bit easier, by using a laminate. Modern designs include some really fun and convincing effects and are much easier to wield than some of the real, but rather heavy duty materials that they replicate. I understand that Carrara marble is very on trend (I think it has been for a few thousand years by now.) A deeply beautiful material, but it is kind of hard to come by. If you are fitting a new bathroom or revamping your hallway, why not consider the laminate version?


A lighter way to achieve a dazzlingly chic effect, both on your pocket and on your joiner. I know my joiner, Robert, could fit a laminate floor in seconds…. I am not sure how long it would take him to lay a marble one though, there is the boat journey from Italy for a start…

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Laura Thomas candles

Summer seems to have arrived suddenly here in Gullane. Make sure you get your scents right. Put away those heady, winter, home fragrances and open up your house to summer.

Laura Thomas 'Flowers' candle

I am very lucky, I have been given a Flowers Candle by my friend Laura Thomas – it is so perfect for this time of year. In her words: “inspired by my time in New Zealand, I wanted to make a perfume to match that of my old garden in the Bay of Islands which had over 30 orange, lemon and grapefruit trees within it. The gentle warmth of the spring months allowed the scent of the blossoms to drift through the air. It was overwhelmingly beautiful and made me feel so happy. Now back in my native Scotland I’ve recreated that magic with this candle.”

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An Irresistible Offer….

We all need a sofa bed and we all need the occasional night away… and when we can’t actually get away we definitely need the occasional, full-on night in front of the TV – that’s right, no phone calls, no emails, no late night walks, just you, possibly your nearest and dearest, if they are very well trained, and a snuggly blanket.

Family watching TV

Buy a sofa bed from Sofabedsofa and you could have all three – honestly!

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Style Tips

Very flatteringly, I am often asked for advice – Maybe I am more qualified than I realise after all these years. So here goes…

monochrome living room

My No1 tip and I truly believe this, is to decide on a style and stick to it.

Deborah Gordon, owner of the above living room is a master of this approach!

All too often I see homes where the owner has NOT committed… the result being a sort of terrible uncertainty… The furniture all ends up very bland with practical, beige surfaces fighting for attention.

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Chelsea Flower Show

Thrilled to be invited to Chelsea Flower Show on Monday – Press Day, before it opened to the public – before the queen even!


Amazing – there was hardly anyone there – I could actually see the plants – it was incredible. I realised a couple of days beforehand that I was going on my own… a bit nerve wracking – why had I not organised a chum? Anyway, I was going for work not for fun (believe that, you’ll believe anything) and off I trotted.

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