Bathroom thoughts

A bathroom needs to do a lot, often for a whole family. Redesigning your bathroom is an important step for your household and something that can add value to your property if you get it right. Bathroom design mistakes can be costly and tricky to rectify. The DM Design team at their Bathroom Showroom Edinburgh has created a list of really useful advice

Stick to a budget

Decide in advance what you want to spend.

Neat ensuite

You can do a lot on a tight budget, from a simple freshen up to a small space solution. If you have plenty to spend your bathroom is your oyster!

lavish bathroom
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Sofa surfing

Autumn TV schedules are definitely up and running now – last Thursday night the Gibb family had to choose between ‘The Fall’ and ‘The Apprentice’… heaven – could hardly decide.. Now your are viewing, you have to get get comfy. I am very conscious at the moment of the importance of sleeping well. It is something to do with my age I am afraid, if I want to get a good night sleep, I have to start early. Cosy clothing is brilliant at the end of a long working day. A warm bath is a great way to wind down and then pop on some really soft night wear.

Cosy living room

Light a fire and fall into hibernation mode. Opt for subtle lighting placed gently and make sure it is dimmable. By the end of the evening, you will definitely find you are nodding off. Read more tips on getting a good night sleep on the brilliant Bulletproof blog…

Ralph Lauren style living

Sofas are vital: it is essential that they both look good and feel comfortable. Leather sofas seem to be back in fashion with a vengeance. Timeless. Vivendo offers sofas in light shades so that they don’t get too imposing or darken the room.
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Cooking in colour

Magazine editors often request “a kitchen with a bit of colour”. The reason being that a kitchen is an investment and most of us like to play safe: a white kitchen won’t date, you are unlikely to tire of it – you can always change the decor if you do, of course, and as a result, most people’s kitchens are white. However, if you are feeling brave, choosing colourful cabinetry can reap wonderful rewards.


This beauty is by Harvey Jones. Using colour will bring your kitchen to life. Healthy diet advice includes eating colourful foods: beetroot, carrots, peppers and greens – they just sound healthy don’t they? Find ideas at my lovely friend Mel’s Spice Pots. You might like her range of beautiful enamel ware? Enliven your kitchen as well as your plate. Although white is safe, the results can be sterile and quickly look quite dowdy, white surfaces are not forgiving.
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Autumn Drama

One of the best things about the nights drawing in has to be the improved TV selection…


Gripped again by The Fall, I could watch it every night. The fact is though, if you do want a really good selection every night you could do worse than subscribe to Sky. Get in touch through Contact Telephone Numbers to find out more about their packages. I know that if you buy in to their phone and broadband as well, you can get a very, very good deal.
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A chill in the air…

To continue with my self build/ renovation theme. A huge plus that comes with building or extending your home is that a new build is going to be properly insulated. We have built a garden building as an office: we have not extended the central heating. A slimline electric radiator that can come on at the flick of a switch is all you need. We initially considered underfloor heating, but we are so glad we did not go ahead.

oak flooring

It would not have been necessary, particularly with the warm oak flooring we chose and I think it would have been hard to control in such a large space. We can pop an electric radiator on for half an hour and the room is warm for the rest of the day.
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