The Mysterious Art of Interior Design

Watching the latest episode of The Apprentice, which entailed designing a hotel room interior. I was a mix of bewildered, despairing and ultimately, lost in admiration, for the real life interior designers I work with, who are artists really.

I regularly talk up the work of Jessica Buckley, whose eye for colour and verve with pattern can literally bring any space to life with the flick of her dazzling selection of wallpaper samples. Jessica has opened a shop now on St Stephen street in Edinburgh, which means this incredibly talented lady is even more accessible for advice and consultations.

Glasgow designer, Catherine Henderson, has used a more subdued palette in her Pollokshields living room. Creating an interior scheme that actually works and is really pleasing is very much like doing a painting and not something anyone can do. You can train and you can learn tricks that work and you can educate yourself on trends and styles that you may wish to adopt, but you do need to have some talent in the first place.
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The Magic of Scaramanga

I just cannot get enough of this Fife based, vintage and interiors salvage company Scaramanga. They import beautifully distressed antiques, mainly from India. I was fascinated to hear that they have been the go-to supplier for props buyers around the world for ten years now and was delighted to hear of their latest starring role in the film Victoria and Abdul.

They provided 15 pieces to the film set: trunks and boxes, tins, bowls and leather journals.
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Sophie Robinson

Have had a fab couple of days hanging out at the Life & Style Show in Edinburgh’s George street, with fellow design enthusiasts/anoraks: textile designer, Mairi Helena and artist, Tessa MacGregor, soaking up fashion, beauty and interior goodies. The Highlight, apart from being filmed and interviewed at the end, which was very flattering, had to be broadcaster and all round interiors supremo, Sophie Robinson‘s talk on ‘Interior Design Crimes’

Sophie straight up admitted that she had been given the brilliant title, by the organisers, but boy did she rise to the subject.
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Sofa surfing

Autumn TV schedules are definitely up and running now – last Thursday night the Gibb family had to choose between ‘The Fall’ and ‘The Apprentice’… heaven – could hardly decide.. Now your are viewing, you have to get get comfy. I am very conscious at the moment of the importance of sleeping well. It is something to do with my age I am afraid, if I want to get a good night sleep, I have to start early. Cosy clothing is brilliant at the end of a long working day. A warm bath is a great way to wind down and then pop on some really soft night wear.

Cosy living room

Light a fire and fall into hibernation mode. Opt for subtle lighting placed gently and make sure it is dimmable. By the end of the evening, you will definitely find you are nodding off. Read more tips on getting a good night sleep on the brilliant Bulletproof blog…

Ralph Lauren style living

Sofas are vital: it is essential that they both look good and feel comfortable. Leather sofas seem to be back in fashion with a vengeance. Timeless. Vivendo offers sofas in light shades so that they don’t get too imposing or darken the room.
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Autumn Drama

One of the best things about the nights drawing in has to be the improved TV selection…


Gripped again by The Fall, I could watch it every night. The fact is though, if you do want a really good selection every night you could do worse than subscribe to Sky. Get in touch through Contact Telephone Numbers to find out more about their packages. I know that if you buy in to their phone and broadband as well, you can get a very, very good deal.
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