Fitness & Food

Not necessarily a natural combination, particularly if you love to eat like I do!

However I was inspired recently to understand how these two things can go well together, with a bit of thought, when I won three sessions with a personal trainer, Rosie MacGlashan.

Off for a fitness session garden cottage gym gym fireplace

I left for my first session slightly nervously, just not knowing what to expect, expecting pain of some sort I guess, but was pleasantly surprised to arrive at her little garden cottage, an oasis of tranquility by the way and find that the first machine she put me on, as a warm up, was very pleasant, a sort of rowing machine. It gave you an all over stretch and certainly warmed me up very nicely.

rowing machine

We moved on to various crunches and stretches, I felt very well looked after, nothing at all painful. Because it is one to one, it is aimed at exactly my fitness level, which although, certainly in need of an all over tone up, I do not want or need to reach anything Olympian, so I did not feel wrung out by the experience.

Rosie herself is a glowing advertisement for her services. She says her own, obvious, well being is thanks to a mixture of exercise and diet. A brilliant cook to start with, she has developed a superb range of healthy recipes which she shares on her instagram.

She assures me that it really is that simple – eat well and exercise!

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