Outdoor walls

In my last post I discussed the importance of your outside space from the point of view of kerb appeal. A garden is an outside room and adding structure to our gardens to makes them so much more interesting and distinctive. A patio immediately makes a garden more functional and, to a contemporary garden, a glass balustrade could be the perfect finishing touch.

glass balustrade balcony

If I am honest, I can’t really imagine anything more glamourous!

glass balustrade

Would so love one here behind our seating area (looking a bit wintery at the moment.)

garden seating

If you have not considered a glass balustrade before, you might be surprised at how achievable an addition they are. They can create a safe solution to steep tricky areas, whilst at the same time letting precious light and sunshine through. At the same time your beautiful planting can be seen through them as well.

Frosted glass could be used in a situation where privacy is needed of course, but either way, allowing light to flood in.


Clever eh? However much we all love our neighbours, we don’t necessarily want to see them all the time!

Definitely appropriate in a minimalist garden, bringing a touch of opulence without compromising on starkness.

Minimal glass balustrade

A surprisingly cost-effective to give your decking an instantly smarter look. Safety glass panels are simply clamped tight onto posts securely fixed to the ground.

Why not take another look at glass balustrades for your garden?

Mother’s day is coming up and my newly installed tradition this year is that I will spend it in the garden. Plants and garden centre vouchers are on my wish list and I will do no housework, no work of any kind, I will just spend it getting muddy. Gardening is a surprisingly expensive hobby, a lot of gardeners pride themselves on their thriftiness: recalling how little they have spent on various plants that they picked up at fairs, jumble sales, all sorts of outings, conveniently forgetting that these ‘bargains’ run into hundreds – I am afraid the cost of hundreds of plants at 50p each does mount up a bit!

Chelsea 2015

Gardening is something I love but normally can only squeeze in at the weekends but I will really enjoy it when I retire. Not an impossible dream actually, we will either downsize, or if we want to stay here and enjoy our lovely garden, we could use equity release. We had some help from Saga Equity Release towards our garden already actually. Home improvements are the most popular use for money generated from equity release. Why wait to unleash your creativity?

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