A good night’s ski…

Yes – you guessed it, Doug and I have just had a wonderful ski holiday – and yes – we are now so exhausted we need another holiday! Realise we are being pathetic and cannot complain – but just a quick look at Sloane & Sons providers of outstanding quality, pocket sprung mattresses had me longing to try one.


The difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one can affect your whole day, not to mention your long-term health – not surprising considering we spend around a third of our lives in bed. I shared my views on the importance of sleeping in a recent interview with Rebecca O’Connor, founder of aromatherapy brand Beatitude.


I explained that sleep is my magical elixir, it just allows all systems to work for me – a lot of people believe that ‘you are what you eat’ and I do eat plenty of healthy food, but I have found from bitter experience that you can eat as much salad and wholemeal beans as you like, but if I don’t sleep, I am a wreck!

This is why choosing a high quality mattress is one of your most important decisions in the home. Sloane & Sons provide exceptional, high quality mattresses at a realistic price to ensure you don’t just get a good sleep every night – you get a great one.


Their manufacturing heritage along with their knowledge of the latest technology has resulted in a collection of memory foam mattresses as well as their luxury pocket sprung mattresses. You can make an informed decision about which to buy with a quick phone call or an email enquiry, they are always delighted to be able to help.


Once your mattress is ordered, do treat yourself to some really beautiful bedlinen from Laura Thomas Linens. Her organic cotton, designer white bedding is the first choice for anyone in the know. Because it is a small company, you will get better service and superior quality to better known brands. Like Rebecca, Laura is also an expert on the art of getting a good nights sleep.

Loire Ladderstitch detail

The Loire Ladderstitch is my utter favourite detail…

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