An Irresistible Offer….

We all need a sofa bed and we all need the occasional night away… and when we can’t actually get away we definitely need the occasional, full-on night in front of the TV – that’s right, no phone calls, no emails, no late night walks, just you, possibly your nearest and dearest, if they are very well trained, and a snuggly blanket.

Family watching TV

Buy a sofa bed from Sofabedsofa and you could have all three – honestly!

You can ‘try before you buy’ you see and spend the night in their showroom, in Wiltshire, on a sofa bed of your choice for free! How incredibly pleasant… especially if you live very near Wiltshire. If you don’t, you will just have to be extra adventurous – put your fears aside! It looks gorgeous…


And they are offering a £50 Amazon voucher on all orders, to splurge on a couple of favourite boxed sets… I am so tempted… I want to see ‘Girls


and I would actually quite like to just start all over again with ‘Breaking Bad‘…

Dog curled up on sofa

Their products are all designed and handmade in the UK and their sofas work just as well as a sofa as they do a bed, they ‘sit like a sofa and sleep like a bed.’

Sofa beds are indispensable for having a multi-function spare room… I have one in my office.

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