Anna Wimbledon

Now for some art you can hang on the wall. I was delighted to visit the home of artist, Anna Wimbledon the other day. I am friendly with her publicist and just went to be polite really – plus I never say ‘no’ to a cup of tea. But my goodness, I was simply blown away by her. It was immediately familiar to me, because I have seen Anna’s work many times before. It adorns the walls of a lot of the houses that Douglas has photographed.

Baxter portrait

Anna's own family

Anna’s own family

Her portraits are just so intense, so vivid. I do not understand how she does it. She says she mainly paints from life, and just a bit from photographs, but she seems to capture her subjects off guard, obliquely sometimes. She often paints children, and not in their best clothes, rather in grubby t-shirts and definitely before bath-time: windswept hair, sticky hands and muddy boots are imprinted on the children’s cheeks somehow.

Johnstone family



She has painted many well known people including, sir Ian Wood, Susan Hampshire, to name but a few, but her speciality is family portraits and children. If you want to make a really worthwhile investment and a treasured memory for all of you, do consider commissioning her. A similar outlay for a one week skiing holiday will buy you a painting that will delight you for a lifetime.

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