Art – What does it all mean??

And what about the Turner Prize?


We were delighted to see a wee tribute to my DH… Just joking – we did hear that the artist’s son is called ‘Doug’ but have since read in the Guardian that the piece is actually called after the man with a spade on his head… We were thrilled and confused in equal measure…



DOUG is a performative work which takes the form of nine songs for six voices. I like singing but did not understand this.

Nicole Wermers Fur coats were our favourites –

Nicole Wermers Fur Coats

We felt they communicated the most clearly and powerfully of all the art work. (Honestly!)


Terrible confession: I did not actually go and see Assemble… A real crime I am afraid because, I quote from the Turner Prize website: “Assemble are a London-based collective who work across the fields of art, design and architecture to create projects in tandem with the communities who use and inhabit them. Their architectural spaces and environments promote direct action and embrace a DIY sensibility.”


They had created a shop full of beautiful things in a house-frame like structure… Wow, they could not be of more interest to Her Indoors, but I am afraid they were obviously of great interest to everyone else as well and there was a huge queue to enter their installation and we bumped into so many old friends wandering around, we could not break off and stand in a queue, it would have been rude – a reason to return I guess.


And Bonnie Camplin? Well, I quote from the Turner Prize website again “Her work spans the disciplines of drawing, film, performance, music and writing as well as immaterial and situational research. The Military Industrial Complex took the form of a study room exploring what ‘consensus reality’ is and how it is formed, drawing from physics to philosophy, psychology, witchcraft, quantum theory and warfare.”

Bonnie Camplin installation

This was too much for me… I will return and try and engage with it on my own, I promise, but at the opening night with drinks, friends and about 20 other bloggers to chat to – I just did not get into it I am afraid.

The Turner Prize is obviously disjointed as a show, the works do not relate to each other as the artists are working separately and are all competing with each other. Interestingly, the artists are not actually judged on the work they show in the exhibition. They are nominated for, and judged on, work they exhibited in the previous twelve months. It is not Art you are meant put on your wall obviously, the key to enjoying it is to expect the unexpected.


Turner Prize Opening Night

Did we have a great night? We certainly did and would we do it all again? In a flash, I assure you.

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