Autumn Drama

One of the best things about the nights drawing in has to be the improved TV selection…


Gripped again by The Fall, I could watch it every night. The fact is though, if you do want a really good selection every night you could do worse than subscribe to Sky. Get in touch through Contact Telephone Numbers to find out more about their packages. I know that if you buy in to their phone and broadband as well, you can get a very, very good deal.

I am genuinely tired at the end of the day. I am not lazy – honestly(!) I love my work, I love writing and I love interior design, which is what I write about. I do find it hard to switch off though. So a really good drama is just what the doctor ordered. It does the trick for me. Sky have an almost limitless selection.


House of Lies… a cutthroat consultant – ready to do whatever it takes to get his way – while charging a hefty fee from his clients for the privilege.


Madam Secretary… Téa Leoni stars as Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst forced to juggle international crises and her family life after being made a Secretary of State.


Blindspot… When a Jane Doe is found in Times Square with no memory and mysterious tattoos all over her body, she and the FBI are pulled into a criminal conspiracy while trying to find the truth about her identity.


Criminal Minds… The FBIs Behavioural Analysis Unit use behavioural sciences to track deadly killers, as they attempt to keep their personal and professional lives separate.

Yes please!

Because I am self employed I am very motivated. But burning the midnight oil is not sustainable for me. I had to work in the evenings when my childen were little. I had no choice, I was with them during the day and I wrote when they went to bed. Now they look after themselves, I can write all day and I find if I write at night as well I don’t make more money, I just get tired and headachy and become less productive.

Home cinema

So, instead, I cook a meal and clock off: after supper I make myself a cup of tea and gather up my glasses, a bar of very dark chocolate, a snuggly throw and I envelope myself in our wee home cinema (yes, I know, a bit indulgent, but very lovely)


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