Bathroom thoughts

A bathroom needs to do a lot, often for a whole family. Redesigning your bathroom is an important step for your household and something that can add value to your property if you get it right. Bathroom design mistakes can be costly and tricky to rectify. The DM Design team at their Bathroom Showroom Edinburgh has created a list of really useful advice

Stick to a budget

Decide in advance what you want to spend.

Neat ensuite

You can do a lot on a tight budget, from a simple freshen up to a small space solution. If you have plenty to spend your bathroom is your oyster!

lavish bathroom

Make sure you spec out all of the costs, including:

Cost of design
All fixtures and fittings
The cost of installation

Have enough to cover everything you need – and a little spare in case any unforeseen issues come to light.

Consider your style

You don’t want something slick and modern if you are an incorrigible romantic. Be honest with yourself.


Ask yourself – and anyone else who lives there – how you want to use the space, including how much time you’ll spend in there and what you want to have access to.

You also need to think about how you might use the space in the future. If you’re planning on having children, you may want to include features such as baths now to avoid additional work further down the line.

Include storage

No matter the size of your bathroom, you still need to store all of the same items, including towels, toilet roll, cosmetics and other bathroom products.

Bespoke vanity unit

This can be sorted by getting bespoke bathroom design.

Do not forget about ventilation

In a room that generates a great deal of steam, making ventilation a priority is an essential. Failing to consider this could leave you with damp and the potential for mold and mildew to grow.

Decide on the flooring

Make sure you consider the type of flooring that will run throughout your bathroom.

Chevron floor tiles

Choosing a non-slip surface for the floor is a good idea – something you could also extend to the floor of the shower, to ensure everyone using it remains safe. As well as choosing something non-slip, consider how you can add style with your flooring; if you’re planning on white or neutral walls, why not try for a bolder pattern on the floor?

Add beautiful lighting

The lighting in the bathroom can make or break the space, so you need to make sure it’s right.


Soft, dimmable lighting at the edge of the room is my golden rule. The last thing you want when you first step into your bathroom at the beginning of the day is a really bright light. Of course, you may wish to lie in a bath at the end of the day in candlelight!

Make it ‘you’

When undertaking any design project, you want to make sure the place reflects you as an individual or your family as a whole.

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