Bedroom update

Keeping your kids bedrooms up to date can make you feel as if you are travelling in time. It seems only yesterday that they needed a trunk full of dressing up clothes and teddies. Then it is all change for teenage years and suddenly our son has left home and gone to university.

Boy's bedroom

I have to confess it is the first time in his life that he has not had a high bed… Ridiculous I know, Doug decorated his room very thoroughly for secondary school and refused to update it, ever… Our daughter however, is made of sterner stuff and seems to find it much easier to talk her Dad round (i.e. when it comes to Eva, Doug just does as he is told.)

Girl's bedroom

Here is her room, also beautifully decorated by Doug ‘for secondary school’, but now that she is fifteen – yes – fifteen – she HAS to have an update.

A sweet, white metal bed from Ikea was ordered with pretty bedding, but just to glam things up and to ensure that her room does not suffer from the ‘everything form Ikea’ look, we ordered some beautiful accessories from QVC.

Alison mirror

Eva is delighted with the Alison Cork, ‘Versailles’ full length mirror… Her room has real WOW factor now.

Herringbone throw

and the Northern Nights cotton throw is so soft and warm.

Peony faux flowers

Peony faux flowers are a gorgeous finishing touch… so convincing! Although most of the items are from well known stores: the wallpaper is from B&Q and standard lamp is from Argos, the results are utterly individual, and by choosing a few pieces from QVC we have added a note of luxe, whilst still sticking to our budget.

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