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I think people often extend because they want to improve their homes connection with their garden or they want to enlarge, very often, specifically, their kitchen. However, if you simply need more space, because your family is growing or you are working from home more and need an office, actually, a loft conversion is a really neat, hassle free way to achieve this.

Home office

You end up with a room that is remote from the family, so a master bedroom becomes a peaceful sanctuary, or a spare bedroom can be somewhere that guests staying for a while can retreat or an office can be in a spot where you are less likely to be disturbed.



Typically, you will not need planning permission, in most circumstances, a loft conversion can be done under permitted development rights and you will not lose any garden. You can choose to make your loft space cosy and dramatic, or light and airy, there are so many design options. You might need a gym, or a teenage hang out? An upstairs living room, with a view?



The possibilities are endless, get in touch with the Bespoke Loft Company for an initial discussion and excellent advice and start spreading out a bit!

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