Homes for sale

We are not big movers, but I have to say, we have seen a lot of houses! Many for sale, as it is often the moment when people feel their home is ready to appear in a magazine.

I am not a fan of this timescale actually, it is a situation I was very wary of falling into in my Gullane home: whereas Doug likes to do things slowly and properly – yes, I know, very sensible; I am afraid, I do not think it is sensible to live in a mess for years and then ‘do the place up to sell it’, a slight point of tension between us. Basically we are both right!


A home is a home, whether you are a serial developer or a long term nester, take your time, do give some thought – live in the house a full year if you can, but get it done and get it right. Get it how you want it – you can come home to a show home – honestly.

Luxe bedroom

How about this bedroom for a bit of serious luxe?

table setting

When you wander round a show house in a development, it is the details that stand out, the table linen, the cutlery, exquisite cushions and throws that make the place feel really special. The bedding is always particularly inviting, beautifully coordinated and give bedrooms a real sense of style


When selling your own home, you do need to de-personalise it a bit, try and limit the number of family photographs and children’s artworks – I do not mean bare walls, but make sure that your walls are really interesting – show off collections and paintings, sculptures even.

Dining room

For some serious advice look at Emblem Furniture, they specialise in furnishing show homes for developers and also offer a home staging service. They are convinced that the devil is in the detail. Clutter out, beautiful fabrics, colours and textures in.

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