Live Lagom (ii)

Well Spring is here and we are well into our joint New Year’s Resolution with Ikea to ‘Live Lagom’, which is a Swedish expression meaning to ‘live with less’…

Ikea products

Paradoxically, it was to great excitement in our house that the products that would help us ‘live with less’ were delivered!

Energy efficiency label

You can see Doug’s delight at the energy rating of our new Ikea dishwasher – doing dishes by hand is neither energy efficient or fun – our kitchen has just been a bit of a mess since the dishwasher packed up. This will definitely help us ‘live with less crap about’!

fitting an integrated dishwasher

Fitting the dishwasher was slightly less of a delight – all the Ikea models are integrated, so, although beautiful, it meant having to source a door front and a plinth – patience required because our kitchen is 5 years old now and the basic design has slightly changed – yawn – so we had to wait for the old shaped parts….

Anyway, all done now and our kitchen is seamless and much tidier. I think we can watch more tele now we have a dishwasher again – Scandinavian thrillers of course…

Bridge s3

Anyone who knows Doug and I will confirm this – we are not just saying that to please Ikea!

The lightbulbs that we ordered are a different matter – not quite such an instant improvement. We are planning to change all our downlighters and pendant lights to LED thanks to Ikea’s invitation to ‘Live Lagom’, but that is easier said that done: some of our lighting is wired up to transformers that are not suitable for LED…

Living room down lighters

Gosh, even bigger yawn… typically Douglas is trying to sort this out himself, hopefully without electrocuting himself in the process, but rewiring the lighting for a whole house is not really something an amateur can do in an afternoon, so I really am having to be patient here.

Think we might have to call in an electrician – ‘living with less’ might have to mean ‘living with more tradesmen’ for a while – a joy to me if they are young and pleasant, not such a joy to Doug unfortunately: they tend to be young and male and to like doing things slightly differently to how he likes them done, leading to lots of unspoken tension and frowning…

We also ordered a set of tupperware – to keep our fridge in order and avoid waste…

Inside of fridge

Errr, not sure what happened to them… they could be anywhere by now if I am honest. I am afraid our fridge is as much of a shambles as it ever was. I have to say though, I am trying to ‘live with less’ in this department anyway – especially after our very indulgent Christmas and New Year, followed by our recent eating, I mean SKIING holiday…

I promise, promise, promise that I will find that tupperware, put all uneaten food in it for a week or so and then chuck it in the bin, anything… as long as I don’t eat it!

2 Responses to “Live Lagom (ii)”

  1. pj gray says:
    March 27th, 2016 at 10:23 am

    Shocked you have margarine in your fridge and not butter,does her indoors do that much cake making?

  2. A_Gibb says:
    March 27th, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    I am right with you PJ, butter all the way for me, unfortunately Doug has been completely duped by the margarine myth and believes it to be healthier…. grrrr… most of the packs are ‘spreadable butter’ if you look carefully – my guilty pleasure – not that much better probably… x

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