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Delighted to be involved in a project with Ikea. The word ‘Lagom’ means ‘just right’ in Swedish and Ikea are launching a project called ‘Live Lagom’ to encourage us all to live more sustainably, avoid waste and save money. As a Lagom ambassador, I am being given £500 of sustainable products and will tell you how they change the way I live across the course of 4 months by writing blog posts and recording short videos. Ikea want to show the world why Living Lagom is the way forward for all of us.

At the end of December, Doug and I enjoyed a shopping trip, with Katie Thomson, from customer services, to select some products that will help us reduce our outgoings and use less energy. Predictably, we loved every minute!

IMG_4651 laminate worktop Doug & Katie

Katie lightbulbs dishwasher crop

Just looking at their beautiful room sets and admiring their innovative product designs is a joy.

Ikea kitchen

Love this kitchen room set… I thought the dark ebony and zingy lemon combination was amazing!

In fact love all the room sets –

Mondrian style kitchen Ilse Crawford dining set bedroom roomset

this kitchen, the Ilse Crawford cork topped dining set, the bedrooms…

Pendant lights pendant light shut

Aren’t these pendants amazing – open and shut!

Doug & dishwasher

We chose to buy a dishwasher, something we have not had for a while now, realising that that we are using a lot of hot water washing dishes at least three times a day, some tupperware to reduce food waste and a full set of LED lightbulbs. They are delivered in early January and I will be looking closely at our utility and food bills in February and March to see how they compare and let you know the results.

I was pleasantly surprised by Ikea’s sustainable practices when I attended the welcome workshop. I’d had no idea that they were so concerned and committed: apparently all their stores in Scandinavia are ‘energy independent’ ie they only use energy generated by solar panels and wind turbines. Excellent! They are planning to extend this achievement to all their stores across the globe in due course.

Their aim is that, ultimately, all product materials shall be renewable, recyclable
or recycled. The main raw materials used in IKEA products are wood, cotton and glass. The latter is recyclable, while wood and cotton are renewable and recyclable materials. Sourcing wood from responsibly managed forests is already a priority.

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