Laminate your home

Get creative next time you are doing a makeover in your home and make life a little bit easier, by using a laminate. Modern designs include some really fun and convincing effects and are much easier to wield than some of the real, but rather heavy duty materials that they replicate. I understand that Carrara marble is very on trend (I think it has been for a few thousand years by now.) A deeply beautiful material, but it is kind of hard to come by. If you are fitting a new bathroom or revamping your hallway, why not consider the laminate version?


A lighter way to achieve a dazzlingly chic effect, both on your pocket and on your joiner. I know my joiner, Robert, could fit a laminate floor in seconds…. I am not sure how long it would take him to lay a marble one though, there is the boat journey from Italy for a start…

Laminate can be laid on walls as well as floors for an enveloping effect that is certain to create a real statement in a room. This is my friend VJ’s cloakroom, strangely, she was Robert’s neighbour when he was a child – she must have inspired him!


I think this is an incredibly effective use of this versatile, lightweight material.

Imagine a room similarly lined with black varnished shipdeck planks? How dramatic would that be? Walls, floors and ceilings.


Quite a job to source in your local salvage yard though, but the laminate version can be purchased in a jiffy and so much easier to wield and install…

Oak with saw cuts? For a coastal interior, deliberately a bit rough around the edges… A home where friends immediately feel they can kick their shoes off.

oak with saw cuts

Polished concrete? For a slicker home, but one where you have to be realistic about budget…

polished concrete

Would this work on the walls? The Versailles wooden tile…?

Versailes wooden tile

Maybe halfway up, topped by an attractive moulding as wall panelling? I would paint the moulding a warm grey and leave the rest of the walls white for a classic look, but one that will not seem over-traditional.

Laminate products offer endless possibilities to really add character to your home. Find a full range at Floors Direct

You just need a little imagination…

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