Live Lagom (iii)

Well the project is complete. What a success. Thank you Ikea, our whole life is simpler: our kitchen is now streamlined, tidy and beautiful.


I am saving money and water by having a working dishwasher. My fridge is more organised and, as I am menu planning, there is a lot less waste and I have to share, dear readers – I have lost half a stone!! I know – who cares about the planet – I am slightly slimmer – I will be able to jet off to a poolside this summer and lie beside a pool without feeling too embarrassed – oops, I mean jump on a train and lie on a riverbank somewhere and not feel embarrassed. Marvellous.

I know I should be examining my energy bills to work out exactly how much we have saved, but I have to admit, paperwork is not my strong point and we still have not installed all the LED lights that we received, so I will have to update you on that at a later date.

down lighters

We would like to replace all our down lighters with LED, but LEDs that need a transformer, and are dimmable, are not that straightforward to replace, we need an electrician, so that will happen, I promise, but electricians in our village are expensive, so we need to take a deep breath here… I know the exercise will pay for itself, but I am sure you can understand – spending money to save is very un-tempting.

Also, all this time and attention on energy use and bills got us thinking and we actually bothered to look at our energy providers rates and (yawn) realised that we were not getting the best deal, so we have changed to the Co op…. If we continue to be this boring, we will keep an eye on the bills and if the Co op goes up and a rival comes down, we will change again – yeah – rock n roll. Punk’s not dead.

My love affair with Ikea is still going strong though, I still love the cafe.

Ikea Cafe Edinburgh

In fact it is getting better – latte is now standard – you just need a token… And just look at the decor – this is the Edinburgh store.

I have been invited on a couple of brilliant workshops for the project, a particularly enjoyable one was making terrariums –



Oh yes – I now have a very tasteful dining table centrepiece! I would make these again as presents for friends – much more long lasting than a bunch of flowers. Living, growing presents seem like a good plan for the future.

The whole experience was enjoyable and thought provoking. I had a major clear out half way through, you may have read about my Marie Kondo epiphany, I do not think I would have been so motivated to do that if I had not been involved in Live Lagom. I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed. Get rid of stuff you do not need and develop the useful habit, when shopping of asking yourself: ‘do I need this?’

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