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I realise I am getting a bit of a bee in my bonnet here, but home and interior design are real passions of mine and I am convinced that Marie Kondo’s book, ‘The Magic of Tidying’, my Ikea challenge to ‘Live with Less’ and this blog, which is basically my mission to help people live a life more beautiful, are all linked. In my last post, I showed you my skirt basket – it is still giving me shivers of delight!

My living room has been like this for a long time now –

Living room

Perfectly nice, I know, but here are my living room shelves after reading the book –


Starting a ruthless clear out has given me a lot of satisfaction. ‘Keep only those things that spark joy’ is Marie’s mantra… I have kept, you will see, a beautiful alabaster carving that we received as a wedding present from a dear friend, a Japanese teapot that we love, our collection of earthenware pots, a chunky piece of driftwood, some really special framed photos and some tennis trophies…

I have cleared out gifts that we were not keen on, I was only keeping them out of guilt, but Marie says ‘the gifter has had their joy in giving, you do not need to keep the stuff’ – what a relief! Books I have relocated to another place, that I guess, you would call our ‘bookshelves’…

D’oh – I know it seems obvious, but again, news to me – Marie says ‘things that are alike should be stored together’… So clothes in one place, books in another: messy homes have books and clothes all over the place… Honestly, Douglas has been trying to explain this to me for years (20 to be precise) and we have been slightly bickering about it all that time. I have basically always thought he was a bit uptight and was slightly like my Mum…

Hmmm and you know what they say about Mums? Yes…

In case you are looking for living room ideas or how to live more serenely, here are a few of my personal favourites that we have come across over the years. Strangely they are not strewn with books or clothes. Odd that…

Living room 1

Symmetry is always calming…


A period home, even one stuffed with treasures, can still be considered.


A 1950’s home, of course should only have things from the 1950s!


This 1960s, Mediterranean inspired, flat roofed villa, to me is how Wallander’s home might look if he moved to Spain…


Georgian architecture needs little adornment…


The owner of this pretty cottage has also kept things spare…

Of course there are lots more, some favourites are yet to be published – I do try and save them – all the images I have chosen have a commitment to a style or an idea…

Another of my favourite subjects and to be continued of course!

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2 Responses to “Living with Beauty”

  1. Gary says:
    April 6th, 2016 at 12:29 pm

    The ‘trick’ with existing rooms is to remove EVERYTHING from the room and then only put back that which you believe to be beautiful or know to be useful. This works so much better than just removing things as choosing things to keep is easier than choosing things to get rid of. We certainly found this with our lounge; when we moved in we just put back everything that had been in our old lounge, and it never felt right. When we re-plastered we had to take everything out, and when we put back just the sofas it just felt so right. We then just added the absolute minimum and it still felt good. Less is definitely more (relaxing).

  2. A_Gibb says:
    April 6th, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Scary stuff for a clutter lover like me Gary, but so, so true, will be doing this with my office as soon as I can and will post the results – so want to be one of those bloggers with a lovely home office!

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