Make a House a Home

I have been selected to be one of a few crafty bloggers to demonstrate what you can do with a simple bird house.


I was sent a lovely wooden birdhouse and a Buddly Crafts voucher so that I can buy all the supplies I need to upcycle it into something special. Why shouldn’t birds in the garden have something beautiful to sleep in? Ok…


I added some shell effects to add a little bit of seaside chic, as I live by the coast.

I had a little bit of help from my son…


As lover of contemporary, minimalist architecture, I opted to make my birdhouse concrete, a nod to Rachel Whiteread and Le Corbusier both.

applying concrete

Here it is finished… in all it’s splendour…

birdhouse in garden

I just can’t wait to enjoy watching a mummy bird flying in and out with scraps of food for her babies next Spring!

I was sent the birdhouse by the Ocean Finance homeowner loans team. Anything you need for your home that you cannot wait for? A homeowner loan could be just the thing…

Have fun!

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  1. Kim MacFarlane says:
    January 29th, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    A great make Alison – I hadn’t seen this until today. It’s super to see you work your creative magic with our supplies, thanks.

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