Outdoor lighting

Weather is a bit weird for the time of year, I know, but there is no doubt, it is winter – it is completely dark by 4.30pm up here, for starters and your garden is probably not looking it’s best.

Do bear in mind though, that the garden is still the first thing that people see… Even if you live in a flat, there might be a shared patio area at the front? I am talking about that all important subject, ‘kerb appeal’. You also might have a balcony, and it too, in January, is possibly not looking it’s prettiest. However, giving some thought to outdoor lighting could change all that.


This our front patio on a winters evening, the string of vintage, teardrop lights is a joy to arrive home to. I love my garden in winter. First of all I do not have to do anything to it – no lawn mowing, no weeding… Ok the fanatics among us are probably doing loads – clearing, digging, hard landscaping, but actually, if you want to be green, it is quite good to just give your garden a rest and leave the moss, the dead leaves and wild life in peace.

All lighting nowadays should be LED of course. I would love to go further with our outdoor lighting, so I was delighted to be invited to be an affiliate with Modelight, a stockist of fabulous, designer lighting. The icon, at the top of my ad column, leads to a gallery of every kind of quality, contemporary, Italian lighting you could wish for.

garden sphere

I love this… words fail me…


Imagine having these lining your drive…?


Or these at your front door?

pot light

These pots that light up… love…

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