Oh dear, boring old insurance, not so boring of course if you have just been burgled!

I have made a terrible mistake with insurance in my time, I was renting out a room to a lodger and assumed that her stuff was insured. It was not and I got a bit of a shock when I realised. I have always made a point of keeping up to date and on top of it ever since. Legal & General have posted an interesting article on how much people value their possessions. I understand that now that families have so many smart phones, ipads, computers and flat screen TVs between them, we are often wildly under valuing our possessions for our home contents insurance.


The possessions in our living room are really hard to value: Douglas made the shelving unit that acts as a room divider; the coffee table as well and he found the driftwood that serves as a mantelpiece.

The mirror above the mantelpiece is vintage and I actually don’t like it very much – maybe I should paint it and distress it? But anyway, it certainly is not valuable, the sconces either side, I adore though, so they are of great value! There is a small collection of earthenware pots on the shelving – of almost zero value, but I love their banality, I find them really soothing. Probably the most valuable things in the room are the records, in terms of both monetary and sentimental value. Half of them belonged to my Dad – a huge collection of Russian Army records – long story… half are mine and tell the story of my youth – honestly every song in there reminds me of an occasion!

On the coffee table there is a tray of 1970’s crockery which Doug and I collect – hoping that will be quite valuable one day and of course my laptop – my phone is in my bag, could not live without that – how did we manage before? What did we do? Was life simpler or harder? A brilliant invention should make life easier, I think these objects have just made us busier though and we can’t switch off so easily.

I woke up very tired this morning and wanted to treat myself to a day of doing nothing – would have loved to have spent the day reading – am getting stuck in to David Szalay at the moment – felt far too guilty of course – did a bit of reading, but felt compelled to do some gardening and I am now doing this blog post!

I am sure it is the internet that has led us to this place where it is socially acceptable to spend a lot of money on a ‘retreat’ of some sort and go away and ‘relax’ (come back exhausted if you ask me) but it is NOT ok to just loll about for a day. Why is that? Maybe it is just me.

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  1. Silvia Crown says:
    September 25th, 2015 at 8:57 am

    Lovely pictures and ideas!

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