Sofa surfing

Autumn TV schedules are definitely up and running now – last Thursday night the Gibb family had to choose between ‘The Fall’ and ‘The Apprentice’… heaven – could hardly decide.. Now your are viewing, you have to get get comfy. I am very conscious at the moment of the importance of sleeping well. It is something to do with my age I am afraid, if I want to get a good night sleep, I have to start early. Cosy clothing is brilliant at the end of a long working day. A warm bath is a great way to wind down and then pop on some really soft night wear.

Cosy living room

Light a fire and fall into hibernation mode. Opt for subtle lighting placed gently and make sure it is dimmable. By the end of the evening, you will definitely find you are nodding off. Read more tips on getting a good night sleep on the brilliant Bulletproof blog…

Ralph Lauren style living

Sofas are vital: it is essential that they both look good and feel comfortable. Leather sofas seem to be back in fashion with a vengeance. Timeless. Vivendo offers sofas in light shades so that they don’t get too imposing or darken the room.

White leather sofas

White is a safe choice, but if you feel adventurous why not try the gorgeous Brenta sofa with its vibrant shades of blue, lemon and stripe?

Brenta sofa

Designer fabric sofas in patterns and various textures offer a cosy alternative.

Accessorised living room

Accessories provide the all important finishing touches to your home. Colourful cushions and oversized lamps make brilliant additions to any home.


Why not create a mood board for each room and have some fun! Find your design style, think about the colours you would like, the materials you would use and the unique style for each room. Expand your thoughts – should you go clean and contemporary, vintage, ultramodern, old-fashioned, chic, rustic, cottage or bohemian? Perhaps you could mix styles and combine existing furniture with new ideas? Your house is your blank canvas, ready to be created into the perfect home for you.

To be continued…!

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