For a richly textured, colourful home like Emma’s, curtains are a must-have finishing touch. Choosing thickly textured fabrics will keep your home warm and cosy in the winter and fruity, punchy colours like citrus, orange or water-melon red can add a mouthwatering element in summer.

Ordering curtains from Julian Charles could not be simpler. They have a brilliant range to choose from, whether you are looking for easily co-ordinated neutrals or vibrant accent colours and patterns.

Their affordable but luxurious home-interior products include bedding as well as curtains.

Our home is not colourful like Emma’s, instead we have relied on texture and graphics to enliven our interior. Our collection of film posters does provide a colourful finishing touch to a few of the rooms, but some pencil pleat curtains would be a very sophisticated, final addition.

I love these ‘Dante’ Luxury Soft Chenille Lined Pencil Pleat curtains in Charcoal Grey…

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