The Bridge

Happy New Year everyone.

Wasn’t the end of last year just a great season of action packed, thrilling dramas? The Bridge, season 3, Homeland season 5… Saga, Carrie, Quinn… love em all!! They are like family really, I feel I know them so well, with their funny little ways – or rather, mad compulsions – they love going into very dark, very dangerous situations on their own don’t they? They don’t like waiting for back up, or a sensible friend – oh no…

The Bridge Bridge s3 homeland-season-5-carrie

Hillary’s the blind company invited me to take part in a competition to design a Scandinavian inspired roller blind, using a repeat pattern. Well obviously, nothing was going to hold me back, except, I have to say, designing a roller blind, that is based on a repeat pattern, is a lot easier said than done. Crumbs it made me realise how incredibly clever these textile designers are. I thought I could just do a few scribbles and add a few nice colours… errr nooooo…


They asked me to start with a mood board… Again, harder than I thought, googled ‘how to make a moodboard’ aah… right… OK

images-1 imgres-1 imgres

spira-jaffa-light-turquoise-swedish-fabric Swedish fabric imgres-2

I went on to do some working drawings… well, scribbles…

drawing colour

I then had to produce a repeat pattern… I entitled it ‘Oresund’ the name of the magnificent bridge, linking Sweden and Denmark.

Oresund pink crop

Doug added a few slightly gloomier colourways, that he felt were a more appropriate mood to the drama I was purporting to be inspired by…

Oresund design 1 Oresund design 2 Oresund design 3

Hmmm, I don’t think I am going to win… in fact, I was a bit late with my entry, so they can just politely disqualify me if they want (phew!) Would anyone actually want this roller blind? I quite like it, in that I enjoyed doing it, and I think it does capture a moment of the title sequence of the drama for me, plus the towers and cables hint, accidentally, of fir trees, but can’t help worrying that it isn’t quite there… I spent a lot of time on it and I am meant to be running a business here, supplying interiors features for magazines, in order to support my family, so I just had to knock it on the head in the end!!

Wish me luck though x

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