The Visualiser In Action…

Gosh, it really is easy

I have been wondering what to do about my office, originally my daughter’s bedroom – she wanted it bright yellow when we first moved into the house – she was 3!

painting on yellow wall

I took it over when we built my husband’s office in our garden; we basically all got new bedrooms – even our guests.

I kept the bright yellow; just thinking it was cheerful and summery. However, winter is coming and I could really do with a change. I love pink and it is my office – Douglas has no say in this room by the way. He can’t bear the yellow actually – he thinks it is far too cheerful – turning it pink would annoy him even more – brilliant!

What shade to choose though? The Dulux Visualiser App will help me make the right decision:

Fuschia Lily

Fuchsia Lily?

Sumptuous Plum

Sumptuous Plum?

To me, both these shades are utterly mouthwatering. They are almost an extension of the painting I have popped up on the wall. Using the Dulux Visualiser App (which you can download the app on iTunes or Google Play), I can see that I prefer the darker shade though. Having that certainty is very comforting and I can just get on with it.

Next step will be to decide on colours for the ceiling, the skirting and the coving – an equally simple process, using the masking tape tool to divide the areasÖ

Using the app is easy and instinctive – you can really let your imagination roam with you.

I never really liked the yellow, but did not have either the time or the confidence to try another colour. Now I can simply try another colour on my phone. If I can see the result in advance, I will just want to get cracking!

I know that I want the room to be very cosy and cavelike, enveloping even, which makes me almost certain that I will go for the ‘painting everything the same colour’ solution. The room is quite small, and although it will be dark, the uniformity will help to increase the feeling of scale. I think using a variety of shades would break it up too much and make it seem bitty and less spacious.

I do not have to leave this decision to chance though, I just need to snap away on my phone and try out my ideas in advance! 

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