Reading a wonderful book at the moment ‘The Virgin Gardener’ by Laetitia Maklouf, full of inspiring and purposeful gardening tips…..She suggests planting lavender as an easy herb – you can use it in baking, decorating an outside table for summer dining….and for a Christmas party: sprinkling it all over the hall floor for guests to tread on as they arrive emitting a heavenly fragrance!! A wonderful idea – it just makes you want to text twenty friends and get them round for drinks now!!

You can buy dried lavender at this time of year, in bulk, at short notice from my friend Caroline Hoyer Millar.

I met Caroline at a Country Living Fair…one of my favourite duties as ‘Her Indoors’ is that I get to go to lots of lovely craft and design fairs to meet the talented and creative people with gorgeous homes that Douglas photographs. Caroline owns the amazing vintage home ware mail order company, Twice, a wonderful source of beautiful, handmade, rustic homeware. She very kindly let us do a shoot at her small stately home in Perthshire, that her husband, James, inherited from his grandfather. The Hoyer-Millars are a lovely family and work very hard to maintain their home. It is absolutely amazing what they have achieved.

Caroline very kindly provides us with super props from Twice, which we use on shoots all the time, to help houses achieve that lovely country, cosy, lived in feel. Make sure you check out her website and do your own home a similar favour!

Caroline in the basement of her home: ‘Twice HQ’

Vintage fabrics are the mainstay of the Twice ethos ‘maintaining tradition’

Laetitia Maklouf, The Virgin Gardener

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