Why Not?

Making your home individual is really important to us all, it is a tremendous opportunity for self expression. Even if, in your heart you feel you are actually pretty ordinary, or just quite like following the crowd, rather than being wildly ‘out there’ it is still comforting to think that your home is inevitably different to your neighbours, whether you live in a high rise apartment, a cul de sac of similar houses or in a forest, where your nearest neighbour is two and a half miles away!


Dulux wrote to me recently about their new colour collection called ‘Margin of Proof’ deliberately edgy, with styling suggestions, such as, ‘stencilling your favourite number on the wall’… Does everyone have a ‘favourite number’? And if they do, would it actually occur to them to stencil it onto the wall? I have to admit, I do have a favourite number, I wonder whether everyone does?

But I am afraid, I have NOT ever stencilled it onto a wall of my house…. Maybe I should though…

stencilled number

Why not? Individuality stems from a slightly ‘devil may care’ attitude. We all know not to be too ‘matchy matchy’…random is good! Dwell is similarly good for off beat, different, but contemporary inspiration…

rhino head

Rhinohead £199

Your neighbours are unlikely to have one of these…

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