Nearly December

I am definitely getting in the mood for Christmas as I have just spent the afternoon working on the village Panto scenery – my happy place if I am honest.

I used to take charge of the whole thing: I started when my son was a scout and I had all the scouts painting away, but I am pleasantly relieved to say I have handed over the reins to another mum now my son has grown up and left home and I can just drop in, do a little bit of painting and go home!

I am very privileged at this time of year to be invited to lots of Christmas Craft Fairs where I find almost a years worth of inspiration and catch up with many of the people that Douglas has photographed and I have written about. The Country Living Fair in Glasgow this year was particularly lovely.
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A good night’s ski…

Yes – you guessed it, Doug and I have just had a wonderful ski holiday – and yes – we are now so exhausted we need another holiday! Realise we are being pathetic and cannot complain – but just a quick look at Sloane & Sons providers of outstanding quality, pocket sprung mattresses had me longing to try one.


The difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one can affect your whole day, not to mention your long-term health – not surprising considering we spend around a third of our lives in bed. I shared my views on the importance of sleeping in a recent interview with Rebecca O’Connor, founder of aromatherapy brand Beatitude.


I explained that sleep is my magical elixir, it just allows all systems to work for me – a lot of people believe that ‘you are what you eat’ and I do eat plenty of healthy food, but I have found from bitter experience that you can eat as much salad and wholemeal beans as you like, but if I don’t sleep, I am a wreck!
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Mother’s Day Giveaway…

A lovely idea for Mother’s Day… Whether you need to buy something really good for your own mum or whether you just deserve a little pampering yourself, you will not go wrong with some Beatitude oils!

Rebecca, it’s founder, has recently re-vamped her website, do have a look – it is fantastic stuff and I am having a giveaway to celebrate!

Peace 50ml Beatitude Bath Oil

All you need to do is subscribe to my blog for a chance of winning a free Aromatherapy Bath Oil in the gorgeous Peace fragrance from Beatitude, if you are already a subscriber, tweet or post this message on Facebook –

#Free #Aromatherapy #Bath #Oil from @beatitudeoils for #MothersDay just subscribe to @alisongibb

The perfect antidote to a busy stressful day and the perfect bedtime bath enabling you to drift off to a blissful sleep. This blend is infused with the calming and relaxing essential oils of ylang yang, lavender, mandarin, cedar wood and petitgrain – a delicate floral aroma with herbal, woody undertones.

Just a few drops will bring you Peace every day!

The winner will be announced on Mother’s Day and there is an amazing 15% discount for all readers of her-indoors for the whole month of March! Just enter the code her-indoors

My Support Network

When I was a mother of small children I went to lots of ‘Mother and Toddler’ groups. I would not say ‘I learnt how to parent’ at these groups, but I certainly learnt a lot about parenting and small children. Now I run a small business, I have found myself attending business groups with similar reliance and enthusiasm.

Business group

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Christmas is coming…

I know it’s a bit early, but we are getting organised. I am hosting this year, and sad, I realise, but I am already planning my menu and table decorations… My nephew has an American girlfriend and she will be joining us this year, as guest of honour, of course (no pressure Hugo!)

xmas table decorations

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Anxious to counteract the hideous-ness inflicted on me by my family every December – yes – Doug’s is the one in the middle – the ‘Hello Kitty’ one – he bought it drastically reduced, after xmas last year and kept it specially…at least my children have managed to co-ordinate, I nipped down to what is always an Oasis of tastefulness, the annual Christmas sale at my neighbour, Anna Gordon’s home.

We are very spoilt us Gullane ladies, to have our very own resident jeweller to supply our every whim: Anna Gordon. Seriously, Anna is job-sharing head of the Silversmithing & Jewellery Department at Glasgow School of Art. and a leading contemporary jeweller.

Her jewellery is beautifully displayed in glass cases but she is happy to undertake bespoke orders as commissions. Contact her through the link above.

She shares the sale with friend, and our neighbouring village, Dirleton, resident, Ceramicist, Charlotte Cadzow. Also very accomplished, Charlotte teaches art at Loretto School and sells her work in galleries throughout Scotland.

I bought some Ceramic stars and a couple of mugs, raced home to display them…

…that’s better…or is it??

Grabbed some Beatitude goodies for my sister-in-law too! Happy Birthday Carol Ann – have a super day and enjoy those oils!


We have a newcomer to our village, Beauty therapist and Aromatherapist Rebecca O’Connor. She has developed a range of aromatherapy and skincare products, literally bursting with wonderful ingredients.

I wanted to write about Beauty when I started Her Indoors, because I think it is part of our lives. I do not think it is the be all and end all, but I do think that feeling good about the way you look is a part of feeling good…

As a result I have become quite interested in skincare and, I realise, now, that the many products available vary much more in quality than their respective price variations would suggest ie for roughly the same price you can buy a product full of quite harmful chemicals or a product full of goodness. It is all about ingredients.

The word ‘Beatitude’ means a state of supreme happiness. I can vouch for this, because Becky very kindly gave me some sample bath oils. I popped them beside the bath, planning a quiet Saturday night with a lovely hot bath.

Eva, my daughter came in from hockey on Saturday morning, muddy and a bit less than fragrant, had a bath and all day the house was filled with the most wonderful fragrance – gosh, it was marvellous! That night I went to say good night, thinking, ‘right, time for my lovely Beatitude bath….and there were three empty little bottles lying around…Eva had chucked in the lot! No wonder the house smelt so nice! I was furious…she did apologise and very sheepishly admitted that her skin felt wonderful! Hmmm, so it should.

Becky has explained that ‘their unique formulation means that each bath oil produces gentle natural bubbles that disperse in water, ensuring smooth and silky skin and avoiding any greasy feel.’

Beatitude is set to go stellar, with the launch of Becky’s personally created facial oil, marking the brand’s expansion to skincare.

I think she took pity on me when I admitted what happened to the bath oils and gave me some to try. It is very pleasant to apply, but what is really special about it is how soft your skin feels hours later. If you apply it at night, you notice in the morning, if you use it in the morning, your skin is still soft later in the day. Amazing…because most creams make your skin feel nice there and then, but not many hours later…

Find out more about these wonderful products at