Happy New Year

It has been a great festive season – a little bit chopped up by a shoot the day after Boxing Day and another, again in Perthshire, tomorrow… We never quite switched off – somehow the jollities mixed with work and a New Years Eve party that we hosted kept us feeling quite ‘on it’ if I am honest. The New Year prompted a strong desire in me to have a total ‘Marie Kondo’ style clear out, which is always lurking beneath the surface anyway. A little bit of spare time and the realisation that a shelving unit that divides our living area from our dining area ‘has to go’ has motivated me to get started.

In our old house, said shelving unit stored our music collection, our books and our children’s toys in baskets. I love it, of course, because Doug made it and it served us so well.

When we moved here, it found a new purpose as a room divider and I now have mixed feelings about it. We have tried to beautify it, by storing less on it and using it to display pots and things… I am afraid it has suffered rather with this mixed purpose and I fear we never quite mastered the ‘beautiful collection of pots’ thing. Our mish mash of treasured wedding presents and odd, earthenware pots from B&Q, above bulging boxes of photographs, cards and gift wrap never quite came off I feel.
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Getting industrial

Once you have had your Marie Kondo style clear out, in a nutshell –


You will then need to sort out storage for those ‘things that bring you joy’ and my advice would be ‘don’t be coy’ about it!

chrome shelving

Try workplace supplier Slingsby for some really chunky industrial stye shelving and trolleys for clothes, kitchenalia, towels.
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Living with Beauty

I realise I am getting a bit of a bee in my bonnet here, but home and interior design are real passions of mine and I am convinced that Marie Kondo’s book, ‘The Magic of Tidying’, my Ikea challenge to ‘Live with Less’ and this blog, which is basically my mission to help people live a life more beautiful, are all linked. In my last post, I showed you my skirt basket – it is still giving me shivers of delight!

My living room has been like this for a long time now –

Living room

Perfectly nice, I know, but here are my living room shelves after reading the book –


Starting a ruthless clear out has given me a lot of satisfaction. ‘Keep only those things that spark joy’ is Marie’s mantra… I have kept, you will see, a beautiful alabaster carving that we received as a wedding present from a dear friend, a Japanese teapot that we love, our collection of earthenware pots, a chunky piece of driftwood, some really special framed photos and some tennis trophies…
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Marie Kondo

The new word for tidiness is KonMari after the Japanese author, Marie Kondo, the title of this post.

Marie Kondo

This woman has changed my life – RESPECT – after a lifetime of being messy, thinking I was ‘too busy to be tidy’, I have realised the fun I am missing out on – being messy, because you are busy, is a bit like ‘not wearing makeup’ – What? You’re too busy to look great?? Sorry – get it right!!
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