A chill in the air…

To continue with my self build/ renovation theme. A huge plus that comes with building or extending your home is that a new build is going to be properly insulated. We have built a garden building as an office: we have not extended the central heating. A slimline electric radiator that can come on at the flick of a switch is all you need. We initially considered underfloor heating, but we are so glad we did not go ahead.

oak flooring

It would not have been necessary, particularly with the warm oak flooring we chose and I think it would have been hard to control in such a large space. We can pop an electric radiator on for half an hour and the room is warm for the rest of the day.
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Self Build

A dream for many of us. I know I just can’t help it: a house laid out exactly as I want it; no need to renovate (= AMAZING); if you play your cards right zero heating bills – a few logs for the wood burning stove will be all you need…


But anyone undertaking this exercise needs to be a detail freak – no more weekends – unless choosing door handles is a leisure activity in your book. MDF skirting boards? Yes please, but they have to be right – you will need plenty!
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The Wee House Co

What a brilliant idea – a turnkey service to bring you a Wee House – in your garden for relatives maybe? Or on a Lochside plot of land in the Highlands as a holiday home? A dream for many of us, but in this case, utterly reasonably priced and completely seamless.

The brainchild of young entrepreneur, Jennifer Hope, a graduate of Strathclyde university, where she studied Business Entrepreneurship and more recently, the Entrepreneurial Spark Scheme. Jennifer’s father is a builder and the whole family are involved in the business and Jennifer just knew that there were a lot of people out there who would love to self-build, but are simply, quite scared of the process.


It’s the unknown that we don’t like, but The Wee House Company provides a solution in advance: a beautiful wee house, that would look equally good in a rural or a suburban setting. It won’t cause you any stress or grief, the costs are agreed in advance and the process is tried and tested, by Jennifer’s extremely experienced team.



Jennifer’s own home is beautifully furnished in a style that is a pleasing cross between Cape Cod and Contemporary Scottish




A clever and insightful business, an ideal solution for so many: from anyone looking to downsize to someone wanting a starter home. A self build solution for people too busy to self build basically!

Feature by Douglas and Beverley Brown in this months House Beautiful May 2014

Edinburgh home

I was very struck by the way this beautiful house, designed by the brilliant David Jamieson of Zone Architects relates to it’s surroundings…















The way a house connects to the outside space is so important isn’t it?

Light Fantastic

Another must have in a home is light, an element that is simply never going to go out of fashion…

Underused in dreich and dreary Scotland, I am afraid, although we are slowly learning from our know-it-all Scandinavian neighbours!

VELUX® windows, a Danish company, of course, are always a stunning addition to any home.

Easily arranged in a self build, like this stunning home in Ayrshire, that we shot a while ago for Ideal Home magazine…

Living area



It was the kitchen in this house that stayed with me…

View through to kitchen

The house is cleverly, semi open plan, so you get a pleasing peek from the living room…


…and it is the rooflights that make it.

A southerly VELUX window, can drench a formerly cold room in sunlight all day long, likewise in a room where you want to work, a northerly rooflight can provide a welcome, more even light.

The key to their beauty is that the light they bring in is much greater than the light you get from an ordinary window. Use generously – these products are surprisingly good value – install a bank of windows where just one would do and give your home the loft-living style, wow-factor it deserves!

Thinking along these lines could save you money in fact, people often plan an extension, when they do not really need more space, they just crave light and they know that an a new extension will bring that, but you can just install more windows! Give it some thought…

Find out more about their products at the VELUX webshop

This is a sponsored post, written in co-operation with VELUX