Happy New Year

It has been a great festive season – a little bit chopped up by a shoot the day after Boxing Day and another, again in Perthshire, tomorrow… We never quite switched off – somehow the jollities mixed with work and a New Years Eve party that we hosted kept us feeling quite ‘on it’ if I am honest. The New Year prompted a strong desire in me to have a total ‘Marie Kondo’ style clear out, which is always lurking beneath the surface anyway. A little bit of spare time and the realisation that a shelving unit that divides our living area from our dining area ‘has to go’ has motivated me to get started.

In our old house, said shelving unit stored our music collection, our books and our children’s toys in baskets. I love it, of course, because Doug made it and it served us so well.

When we moved here, it found a new purpose as a room divider and I now have mixed feelings about it. We have tried to beautify it, by storing less on it and using it to display pots and things… I am afraid it has suffered rather with this mixed purpose and I fear we never quite mastered the ‘beautiful collection of pots’ thing. Our mish mash of treasured wedding presents and odd, earthenware pots from B&Q, above bulging boxes of photographs, cards and gift wrap never quite came off I feel.
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Getting industrial

Once you have had your Marie Kondo style clear out, in a nutshell –


You will then need to sort out storage for those ‘things that bring you joy’ and my advice would be ‘don’t be coy’ about it!

chrome shelving

Try workplace supplier Slingsby for some really chunky industrial stye shelving and trolleys for clothes, kitchenalia, towels.
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UK Bathrooms and 2015!

Happy New Year and a huge welcome to new advertiser UK Bathrooms a brilliant online retailer specialising in gorgeous contemporary bathroom design, very reasonably priced too. Looking through their Luxury Baths section just makes me want to start all over again!


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Bedroom ideas for a good night’s sleep

It is all about beds today! Spent my lunch hour making a video with my friend Laura, who has her own bedlinen company, about ‘how to make the perfect bed’…Such good fun, harder than I expected but the results are better than I imagined actually and all will be revealed, dear readers, in a post next week!

It really got me thinking about the importance of interior design to create the right atmosphere in a bedroom. Our bedroom is very much my husband’s bedroom – I am very spoilt – I have a dressing room and he is NOT allowed in it, in return he has been able to make our bedroom exactly as he wants it. It is very masculine and very minimal; the walls are painted grey and there is an industrial style storage system for his clothes.


This would not suit everyone of course, if you share a bedroom a compromise is usually required. Colours probably will need to be muted and fabrics should be cosy for a relaxing atmosphere. Complete self expression might not be an option!

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