Christmas Panic

If anyone else out there has not given a second thought to Christmas shopping either (oops!) they could do a lot worse than go to Context Interiors. An Edinburgh based home and giftware company, suddenly taking Hong Kong by storm. Doug photographed their beautiful apartment in Greenhill a couple of years ago.

They had a little shop in Morningside then. While we have been contentedly carrying on our lives in Gullane, photographing the odd house and wondering what to do with our garden building, they have set up a second shop in Edinburgh’s Old Town and moved to and set up a third shop in Hong Kong!! Hang on…what about sleeping? Going for walks??

Their range is really beautiful – a little bit of Edinburgh that can be shipped around the world at the click of a mouse. They have collaborated on some products with iconic Edinburgh illustartor Iain McIntosh whose work you will recognise from the novels of Alexander MacCall Smith.

Iain also, very kindly, created the beautiful logo for the Gullane based charity, the Teapot Trust that provides Art Therapy for children in hospital.

Don’t forget that Christmas is not just about presents. Of course we all enjoy buying lovely things for family and friends, but amongst extended family or colleagues, why not think about agreeing to donate to favourite charities instead?

Treasure Trove

Well it’s been a busy week preparing for our Teapot Trust Treasure Trove – but we have proved that you really can make order out of chaos…and turn trash into treasure! We turned several carloads of bin bags full of unwanted clothes and accessories into this:

It took a lot of preparation:

But we got there….got quite carried away actually!

Had a fab day… was actually really thought provoking as well….we all realised that those mistakes that lurk at the back of all our wardrobes can be put to good use. Our whole village has been converted to ethical fashion! Raising almost £2,500 in the end…..effortless!
Because the Teapot Trust is a local charity, we know exactly what will happen to this money: it is going to set up an Art Therapy Project at Rachel House, a children’s hospice, in Central Scotland, helping patients, their families and staff cope with the challenges they face.
Thank you to everyone who, spent money and donated

Tidy Me Beautiful

If you are planning any renovations this year a really good way to prepare is a thorough de-cluttering….it is such a practical start to any project. With this in mind, a few of us Gullane girls are planning a ‘posh jumble sale’. We have asked all our friends to have a really good clear out and donate decent stuff that they have personally had enough of to what has become known as our Treasure Trove day in aid of the Teapot Trust.

This is a charity started by a local Family, the Youngs, in memory of their late daughter, Verity, who they tragically lost to lupus and cancer at the age of just eight. Verity endured long stays in hospital. The treatment she received she found almost unbearable but art therapy was something she found hugely helpful, as were the tea parties that her family shared with her to encourage her to eat and drink through the worst of the treatments.

The Teapot Trust is already providing art therapists in children’s wards in Glasgow and Edinburgh. If anyone would like to donate to the Teapot Trust it is so easy online, just go to the website There is a live link to the website on the right hand column.

Verity’s Mum, Laura, is great at household tips, but like me, struggles with actually carrying them out…

I am afraid we would both rather get together for a cup of tea than do too much housework! Knowing this about us, I was inspired by her tip of ‘buddying up’ for clear outs – get together with a friend and clear out your wardrobe/office/kitchen one day or evening, then next time her house….do something boring and useful, whilst having a catch up!

If anyone can donate clothes or accessories to our ‘Treasure Trove Day’, please get in touch with Her Indoors.