Wallpaper in the kitchen?

This is an absolutely surefire way to add individuality to a kitchen. Is your kitchen chosen on a budget? Or one that is already there and you cannot afford to change? Leave it and splurge on some gorgeous wallpaper instead.

Imagine being able to enjoy some of these designs from Cole & Son while you were cooking up the supper?

You will need a splash back though. You can order clear perspex sheet online effortlessly, just type in the dimensions you require, a polished edge can be requested and holes for fixing – gosh is it good value compared to glass: less than half the price… and much easier to wield and handle…
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Indoor Kerb Appeal – the Hall

We all know about kerb appeal, the importance of a nice front door, a few pots and if you have a front garden, making it relate to the street prettily.

We have a long way to go but we have made a start with our maturing virginia creeper, collection of terracotta pots and decision to paint our front door and all our windows the beautiful Farrow & Ball shade, French Grey.

Your hall has to do the same job, welcome you, relate to the outside as well as the inside and hint at the rooms beyond. It is not a room we are used to throwing money at and inevitably ends up a bit of an afterthought, it sort of has to be the last room you do, because it is so easily damaged when you are working on other rooms, so, depressingly, you can get used to entering a rather unloved space and then when the time finally comes you have run out of money.
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Emma Clanfield

This stunning home in snowy Aberdeenshire, belongs to globe-trotting interior designer, Emma Clanfield.

Emma was brought up in Scotland and has always had a base there, near her family, while she and her husband worked abroad.

Decorated with rich colours and exotic textiles; it is furnished with salvaged finds from hidden corners of the Middle East where Emma lived and worked for many years.
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The Presidents Home

Whatever happens in the next 24 hours it is going to be a sad day, when it comes, saying good bye to these guys…

Barack and daughters

Delighted to come across these images in Architectural Digest I was completely un-amazed at how beautiful the Obama’s apartments in the White House were… and of course, what makes the rooms so beautiful and so very ‘them’ are the art works…
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Bedroom ideas for a good night’s sleep

It is all about beds today! Spent my lunch hour making a video with my friend Laura, who has her own bedlinen company, about ‘how to make the perfect bed’…Such good fun, harder than I expected but the results are better than I imagined actually and all will be revealed, dear readers, in a post next week!

It really got me thinking about the importance of interior design to create the right atmosphere in a bedroom. Our bedroom is very much my husband’s bedroom – I am very spoilt – I have a dressing room and he is NOT allowed in it, in return he has been able to make our bedroom exactly as he wants it. It is very masculine and very minimal; the walls are painted grey and there is an industrial style storage system for his clothes.


This would not suit everyone of course, if you share a bedroom a compromise is usually required. Colours probably will need to be muted and fabrics should be cosy for a relaxing atmosphere. Complete self expression might not be an option!

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A daunting project

I met Zuzana Gibb at a trade fair, displaying her beautiful hand printed wallpaper www.kerdovaprint.co.uk

We immediately clicked because we are both Gibbs obviously, but even more spookily, her husband is called Matthew Gibb, as is our son…and they have a son called Matthew! Firm friends by now – we had to keep in touch!

Wishing to escape the trap that is London they sold their flat in Notting Hill and bought a rundown old hotel in the Borders countryside.

The Living room still has the original wallpaper, curtains and overmantel from the house's former days as a hotel. You could hardly nip out to Ikea and get new curtains for this place!

Renovating it has proved to be a mammoth task, so its original patina remains, but patches of it are complete and of course Kerdova Print wallpaper takes pride of place in these areas!

The kitchen has had the joy that is Kerdovaprint wallpaper added!

The stunning dresser looks amazing against the backdrop of Zuzana's startling contemporary print

Zuzana and her gorgeous golden labs in the snug

Have I mentioned that Doug is actually Scotland’s leading pet photographer? More about this in future posts…!

Zuzana lighting candles before dinner

Spot the Kerdova print on the wall – the contemporary graphics and rich colours are jaw-dropping in the traditional setting

You get a hint of the scale of the place from the exterior....

Working on a design

She prints up her wallpaper in a studio above a disused stable in the grounds of the home that she shares with Matthew.

Zuzana working in her capacious studio, above the stable block

Love her work so much – have actually used one of her designs on the edge of this blog – how about that for putting your money where your mouth is? I can’t get enough of the stuff!

Developing her business all the time, she has recently started a Home Ware shopping site with a friend Orwell & Goode www.orwellandgoode.com …..beautiful, beautiful things ..check it out.