What better way to start the New Year than with a sneak peek at our friends Kirsten and Gary Van Bredas visionary home here in Gullane.

A bespoke, futuristic, dream scheme in mouldable corian

Kirsten and her husband Gary have got to be Gullanes leading exponents of modernism…Choosing, spookily, and in a very ‘full circle’ kind of way, to live in a house, designed, originally, by Doug’s Dad, John, then later owned and altered by local architect, Julian Frostwick, architecturejf@btconnect.com

The Van Bredas have completed the transformation of this classic 1960’s villa into a 21st century dreamhome. Inspired by sites such as www.dornob.com they have really maximised the house’s potential.

John designed the original scheme of 12 houses for a fee of £50, in 1960, which, rather romantically, he spent on taking Doug’s mum on their honeymoon!

Although it is great having glam friends, some folk can go a bit far: Kirsten Van Breda, calls herself my friend, but seems to have managed to hook my husband into being her personal photographer….

He has also photographed her in her bath(room)…..!

Anyone else find this a bit suspicious?

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